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Just getting in to the world of cocktails. Experienced Vodka martini (which is, lets face it, basically just vodka), g&T, mojito, june bug and blue che che. All very nice.

stul's Favourites

Cocktails tested by the user

  1. Rum and Shrub (my score: 10)
  2. Ginger Yule (my score: 10)
  3. Redheaded Slut (my score: 10)
  4. Toasted Almond (my score: 10)
  5. White Russian (my score: 10)
  6. June Bug (my score: 10)
  7. Southern Warmer (my score: 9)
  8. Rose of Venezuela (my score: 9)
  9. White Cuban (my score: 9)
  10. Purple Rain (my score: 9)
  11. Sex on the Beach (my score: 9)
  12. Sexy Alligator (my score: 9)
  13. French Martini (my score: 8)
  14. Bleu Che (my score: 8)
  15. Whisky Mac (my score: 7)
  16. Jagerbull (my score: 7)
  17. Virgin Pina Colada (my score: 7)
  18. Melon Ball (my score: 7)
  19. Blue Hawaii (my score: 7)

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