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What you have to say about the drinks!

  • Godmotherkoben794 commenting on the Godmother

    Vodka, Amaretto

  • Green StarWhattodo1989 commenting on the Green Star

    I like sweeter and mellow so for me: 2oz white rum 4oz sprite/7up 1oz OJ 2oz Midori But thats just personal preference and it lets me enjoy the mellow melon

  • FidelisBob commenting on the Southern Comfort Hurricane

    This was an excellent cocktail... I substituted the Grenadine with Luxardo Maraschino Cherry Syrup because the Grenadines I found had High Fructose Corn Syrup as the main ingredient... yuck. I think the overall look was darker due to this... but the impact to overall taste was wonderful... and you must have Luxardo cherries in every cocktail!

  • BrambleDavid commenting on the Bramble

    I had a Bramble last night and 1 oz of lemon juice felt right right to me. I had to use Creme de Cassis though, it's definitely not the same than with the blackberry liqueur and didn't look as nice either. Cheers!

  • BrambleDavid commenting on the Bramble

    Ewps! Yes, the recipe was meant to be done with lemon juice. The original recipe also calls for Creme de Mure instead of Creme de Cassis. Now all fixed. Thanks for calling it out!

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Latest Cocktails

  1. Choco mint

    A chocolat milk with a minty flavor. A variation of the irish mint
    By Loranger8

  2. Locked and Loaded

    Bourbon and Pomegranate juice cocktail
    By john2626

  3. Billie Jean Raz Colada

    Raspberry coconut drink for those who don't like pineapple
    By Paul 257 Pub

  4. Port RoyalPort Royal

    Ye old mehardty cocktail for all you pirate lovers
    By Alex_Garnett_Moor

  5. Mostly Dead On Arrival

    A very strong cocktail, that might grow hair on your palms !
    By 200ProofDAVE

  6. Miss Ellie

    Cheerful summer or birthday party drink, which can be made into a virgin drink very easily.
    By Paul 257 Pub

  7. Sam AdamDew's Comforts

    Sam Adam's beer, brightened and strengthened up a bit.
    By 200ProofDAVE

  8. Espresso MartiniEspresso Martini

    A pick-me-up post-dinner drink
    By David

  9. Remember the MaineRemember the Maine

    A strong cocktail with the flavor of a past era
    By David

  10. Welcome to room 666

    This Is An Extremely Strong Drink That's Perfect For Halloween.
    By 200ProofDAVE