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03/05/22 - Issues with user list

Thanks to Craig, a couple issues where user lists were not showing up got fixed! Please keep your comments coming in and cheers!

06/26/21 - Server upgraded

It was a while since the last update. The website now runs on newer hardware and software. Please do let me know if some of the pages are no longer working at Cheers!

12/30/20 - Facebook Login re-activated

Login though Facebook stopped working in the last few days. It's now all back to normal. Happy New Year!

02/17/19 - Google will sunset its PlusOne button next month

Bye Bye Google PlusOne!

06/10/18 - Summer is back!

I'm starting the new seasons with some of my summer favorites: A Caipirinha and a Mojito.

06/08/18 - A few display errors with international characters were fixed

If ever you find more of these funny looking errors, please report them using the Contact Us page!

12/23/14 - The 12 drinks of Chrismas

Alex from Revivol published a nice infographic showcasing 12 delicious drinks to enjoy on Christmas Day. Enjoy!

12/07/14 - Holiday Season about to start!

Get ready with the season drink section!

06/15/14 - Submit a picture for a drink

You may now add a picture for any drink that doesn't already have one. Click the Upload Picture link located where the picture should go.

01/01/14 - Over 300,000 visits for MyBestCocktails in December!

Including over 32,000 visits on December 31st alone! That's twice as much as last year. Awesome!

06/15/13 - Google sign-in now supported!

You may now use your Google account to login. A new easy way to login with just one click. Click the Google icon to get started!

05/18/13 - A new Tiki category just added

There already was quite a few Tiki recipes on the site. And I just added a few more. See them all here!

05/04/13 - Added a new User List feature!

Create your own drink lists and share them with your friends! This new feature can also be used to get a list of all the ingredients required to mix all the drinks in a list. Quite useful!

04/28/13 - The Recommended Drinks for you page is now online

This cool new feature analyses the drinks you like to come up with a list of suggestions for your next drink. Seems to be working quite well, give it a try and discover great new drinks!

04/09/13 - Hardware failure

The hard drive crashed last weekend. I restored a backup from a few days ago. Everything looks fine, please let me know if you find anything broken. Thanks!

03/27/13 - See what drinks you Facebook friends like!

Facebook already shows who among your friends clicked the same Like button you did. This page will give you the same data one one page. If they already have an account with MyBestCocktails, you will also see what they voted on. Have a look!

12/31/12 - Over 164,000 visits for MyBestCocktails in December!

Including over 16,000 visits on December 31st alone! That's over 900,000 page views for the month. Awesome!

09/19/12 - Winners for the Bitter Drink contest are...

Ta ta daaah! MaliciaFlore, solicitor73, lady1576, FreAkInZ and France. You should have received the book by mail by now... Thank you everyone for participating in the contest and for the great recipes!

09/01/12 - The book contest is now over!

Thanks for all the great new recipes submitted this month! Search your inbox for an email today from to accept your prize! The winners will be announced within a week. Cheers!

07/21/12 - Bitter Drink Promotion : Win a free book!

MyBestCocktails is offering you a chance to win a free book : Bitter Drink! Submit your best recipes and get the chance to win one of the 5 Bitter Drink books.

11/05/11 - Added Connect with Facebook feature

You may now click the "Login with Facebook" button to login! Quick and easy!

06/12/11 - Added Alcohol by Volume for each drink!

The ABV is actually computed automatically from the ingredient list. Let me know if you spot an error.

04/16/11 - Added a new Punch drink category

Since the site now featured quite a few Punch drinks. Here's a quick way to find them: the new Punch Category.

12/23/10 - A new look for

Hope you like the new design!

06/17/10 - Added Facebook 'I like it' button

Tell you friends about which drinks you like with the click of a button!

03/03/10 - Added a new Frozen drinks category

The new category was suggested by Shaun. He has an impressive list of delicious frozen cocktails! Thanks Shaun!

01/02/10 - Happy New Year 2010 !

The new year will feature lots of new recipes obviously but also a new web design to celebrate being #1 on Google for several keywords!

12/12/09 - Added a Getting Started page

In case you are wondering which bottles to go for to start up mixing at home, search no more, we now have a quick beginner's guide available.

11/19/09 - The best drinks for the holidays season

I started my list of the best drink to prepare for the season. Please let me know about your favorite recipes or submit it to the database for us to try it out!

09/11/09 - MyBestCocktails now have its own RSS feed!

Get the latest news, newest cocktails and more.

08/31/09 - Added new glassware page

You may also now get the best and most popular drink for each glass as you click on each type of glass.

08/19/09 - Added 2 new drink categories

You now have Retro cocktails and Low Calorie drinks categories!

06/28/09 - New summer drinks

Don't miss the new summer drinks! The refreshing Collins, Cuba Libre Mimi and Fruit Daiquiris (Strawberry and Banana) are the sure bets of the season!

03/28/09 - Added a new hot beverages category

The first entries are the Irish Coffee and the Brazilian Coffee.

02/27/09 - New cocktails make it to the Top 10

The Ti-Punch makes a strong entry on spot #3. Followed with the Sangria (#9) and the Toasted Almond (#10).

02/24/09 - Added OpenID support!

If you already have an OpenID (and chances are you already have one!), you can now use it to sign in to ! With OpenID, no need to create an account, to remember a password.

01/25/09 - 2 new sections just added

01/15/09 - New vote distribution feature

From any cocktail recipe with at least one vote, you can click its average score and get graphics of the vote distribution. For example, here's the distribution for the Margarita.

Please keep the votes coming, it'll make better graphics!

12/29/08 - Introducing 'In My Bar' feature

You may now filter the cocktails according to the bottles you have in your bar!

12/23/08 - Your favorite Christmas drinks

I don't have many Chrismas drinks in my collection. I like the Cosmopolitan and also the After Eight. What are your best Holidays cocktails?

11/16/08 - iGoogle gadget being tested out!

It's a first draft of the gadget, but feel free to give it a try: Add to Google

11/15/08 - Drinks for the Fall season

With the arrival of the cold days, I updated my cocktail recipes with my warmest and most conforting drinks. Try out the Brandy Alexander, the Manhattan and the Cosmo Disaronno!

10/10/08 - The site now have its look!

Got rid of the plain old and ugly straight html, getting ready for showtime!

09/20/08 - Added a few of my favorites

Before inviting more bartenders to join in, I just added a few of my own classics, just to test it out. So far so good!