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d lounge fav

d lounge fav


Ingredients required: Vodka (Whipped Cream), Vodka (THC infused), Vodka (lemon) , Vodka, Vanilla Vodka, Triple Sec, Sweet Vermouth, Strawberry Liqueur, Rum, Red Bull. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by d lounge

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  1. Jones Fizz

    A sweet drink with a citrus hint
    By HarryJamesJones

  2. Summer Medicine

    Version of an old Czech recipe for curing winter colds and flu's.
    By stangelj

  3. Heavenly Haze

    Great After Dinner Drink
    By tellthegovernment

  4. RevolverRevolver

    Coffee and oranges married in a sweet, spicy bourbon. Unexpectedly delicious and aromatic.
    By johnniepop

  5. Amaretto Lemon LimeAmaretto Lemon Lime

    A beautiful balance of sweet, sour and bitter. Easy to prepare. The Amaretto is sweet enough to not need any added sugar. Wow!
    By stangelj

  6. Cream Soda

    Very tasty and low calorie if you use diet ginger ale.
    By Lisas81

  7. GMC Pickup

    A strong, velvety cocktail
    By NoMi

  8. Love Potion (Korobela)Love Potion (Korobela)

    Sweet and a bit strong, best for beginners on alcohol: they won't feel the alcohol taste. They will suddenly fall in love with the bartender!
    By abielecious

  9. Irish TrashcanIrish Trashcan

    strong fun drink
    By jja203

  10. One Of Those Things

    This is seriously ONE OF THOSE THINGS! One of those things that you will never forget, not the taste of that first sip. One of those things that will never fail to impress your friends. One of those things that you will continue enjoying! JUST, One of those things. :)
    By missmoomoo

  11. Banana Split

    try using van vodka
    By DrinkMeister B!

  12. Lemon KamikaziLemon Kamikazi

    The famous shooter, as a cocktail, that uses lemon instead of lime. Clean and brisk.
    By Tawny

  13. Horny ToadHorny Toad

    Like a liquid orange-chocolate candy
    By Tawny

  14. BronxBronx

    A popular rival to the Martini and the Manhattan.
    By David