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Great cocktails

Great cocktails

Very nice

Ingredients required: Worcestershire Sauce, Vodka, Triple Sec, Tomato Juice, Tequila, Tabasco, Sprite, Spiced Rum, Southern Comfort, Simple Syrup. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by Dazz75

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  1. Southern Comfort Hurricane

    Small portion may need to double up
    By David

  2. Christmas MartiniChristmas Martini

    Smooth & red need 6oz drink so up the portions
    By David

  3. MadrasMadras

    Also red but nice
    By David

  4. Slam DunkSlam Dunk

    Was too drunk to know
    By David

  5. Hökis Sunrise

    Make up to 9.5 to be perfect
    By SexInGoodSpirit

  6. Green with EnvyGreen with Envy

    Mels only contribution !
    By Athena

  7. Bloody Smurf

    Not tested
    By rex111198

  8. VampireVampire

    Not tested
    By David

  9. Baby BlueBaby Blue

    Really nice!
    By ivan89le

  10. Purple RainPurple Rain

    Looks great tastes great!! Refreshers!!
    By David

  11. Free MarchesFree Marches

    Smooth, Mel likey
    By FreAkInZ

  12. EnigmaEnigma

    Looks strong
    By mojito21000

  13. Bloody MaryBloody Mary

    The famous restorative tomato juice cocktail
    By David

  14. Blue Pineapple

    Got to give this ago
    By Shaun

  15. 77 Sunset Strip77 Sunset Strip

    Refreshing strong red stuff
    By michael_spain