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Most Popular User Cocktail Lists

These are cocktail lists put together by you. A list can be about an event, have a theme, or simply be a list of drinks you want to share with your friends. You can create your own list - and add drinks to it - from the List section of each drink page.

Here are the lists which were accessed the most:

  1. Fruity Vodka Drinks

    Vodka drinks with fruity flavors
    By Akk0309

  2. ugly cocktail ideas

    ugly cocktail ideas
    By Anyka

  3. Emily

    Yummy Emily drinks <3
    By eemccloskey93

  4. Monsters

    Hardcore or crazy drinks. Not for the faint of heart.
    By Taclys

  5. wanna try

    too drunk to drink more but looks good for next time
    By DrinkMeister B!

  6. Ones to try

    Cocktails that look good and I want to bookmark, but I haven't tried yet.
    By AnOldCowhand

  7. summer party

    Party drinks
    By hewitt

  8. Favorite DrinksFavorite Drinks

    Most goodest drinks for my bar.
    By drinknbeast

  9. Vodka

    Yum.. Not too sickly or bitter or sweet. Just right. Perfect for my first one! Must add crushed ice and/or chill vodka and lime etc first.
    By Emmojane

  10. Soirée EXC

    Requiert un minimum de maniabilité et connaissance barman.
    By kyleken11


    List of my strongest drinks
    By 200ProofDAVE

  12. Drinks to try

    Cocktails that I want to try making
    By AnthonyMMiller

  13. Want to try

    List of drinks i want to try sometime!
    By bethlewis11

  14. Need to try!

    Drinks that look delicious
    By bsperry3

  15. Delicious drinks

    Drinks I love
    By metroidhunter91

  16. German Ingredients OnlyGerman Ingredients Only

    Cocktails that contain only ingredients originating from Germany.
    By thelextalionis

  17. Drinks I want to try

    Drinks I am interested in, but have yet to try.
    By metroidhunter91

  18. Claire's Favorites

    Tried and Proven
    By brownw4

  19. my favorite drinks

    By marlisa.l.allen

  20. want to try

    like a science experiment, but with booze
    By notdolly

  21. Momma's favs

    Used at every occasion
    By avannatter

  22. My Faves

    Lots to go through tho...
    By robpreston62

  23. Summer

    By SeanK

  24. Cocktails I've Made

    Just the ones I've given a go.
    By James Hoye

  25. My ownMy own

    Cocktails created by me. And I haven't found the recipe submitted anywhere else - I checked.
    By johnniepop

  26. Gotta Try These

    Recipes that look yummy enough to bother to make and drink.
    By Tawny

  27. Our favourites

    Our favourites
    By adamcapp

  28. My Easter DrinksMy Easter Drinks

    Some drinks I plan to offer on Easter Day. I picked the drinks to make the most out of few a simple ingredients like orange and cranberry juices and sparkling wine.
    By David

  29. Christmas Tipples

    My Favorite winter-warmer cocktails for Christmas
    By stul

  30. St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick's Day

    Popular green drinks - or any drinks with Irish Whisky in it :)
    By David

  31. Party

    For drinks duh
    By bwp85

  32. Terrace Drinks

    Drinks to enjoy on a sunny terrace
    By David

  33. Party Ideas

    For the 18th party, cocktails for reference.
    By daedric-darling