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Party Ideas

Party Ideas

For the 18th party, cocktails for reference.

Ingredients required: White Rum, Whisky, Whipped cream, Vodka, Sprite, Spiced Rum, Simple Syrup, Raspberry Syrup, Raspberry, Pineapple Juice. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by daedric-darling

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  1. DaiquiriDaiquiri

    One of the simplest cocktails you can do using white rum. Cuban Rum (ex: Havana Club) really turns an average cocktails into a great one!
    By David

  2. Raspberry DaiquiriRaspberry Daiquiri

    Also known as a Rum Raspberry. Very tasty and refreshing.
    By David

  3. Whisky SourWhisky Sour

    The simplest mixed drink you can do with whisky.
    By David

  4. White RussianWhite Russian

    A famous derivative of the Black Russian cocktail. The favored beverage of "The Dude" character in The Big Lebowski!
    By David

  5. Blond Rum & Coke

    Lighter & sweeter version of the famous rum & coke
    By Shaun

  6. Woo wooWoo woo

    A simpler version of a Sex on the Beach
    By David

  7. Girls Night OutGirls Night Out

    Sweet or not, your pick. Sweeter means more peach schnapps and not so sweet means more Vodka
    By jeffery.bennett.92

  8. Brown Cow

    A simple drink with Kahlua
    By David

  9. Bailey's White Russian

    It' s sweet desert cocktail
    By Klasterka

  10. Fuzzy NavelFuzzy Navel

    A very simple cocktail made with orange juice and peach schnapps.
    By David

  11. PoinsettiaPoinsettia

    An elegant cocktail, perfect for the holidays parties.
    By David

  12. Elimary's cocktail

    By chezsteeve

  13. Shirley TempleShirley Temple

    By David

  14. Orange-Lime Relaxer

    By PerryHodges

  15. Non-alcoholic FizzNon-alcoholic Fizz

    Mocktail. Replace club soda with lemonade.
    By ET

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