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Terrace Drinks

Terrace Drinks

Drinks to enjoy on a sunny terrace

Ingredients required: Vodka, Tequila, Sweet Vermouth, Sugar from Sugar Cane, Sugar, Strawberry, Southern Comfort, Simple Syrup, Rum, Red Wine. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by David

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  1. SangriaSangria

    A very popular wine punch typical of Spain and Portugal.
    By David

  2. CaipirinhaCaipirinha

    Brazil's delicious national cocktail
    By David

  3. Singapore SlingSingapore Sling

    A very refreshing drink that everyone enjoys
    By David

  4. Sex on the BeachSex on the Beach

    Several variations of this very popular drink exist. This is my favorite.
    By David

  5. HurricaneHurricane

    The pride, joy and infamy of Pat O'Brien's Bar in the French Quarter in New Orleans.
    By David

  6. Lime RickeyLime Rickey

    A great refreshing summer drink
    By David

  7. MargaritaMargarita

    Saltiness, sweetness and sharpness all at once. A sweetened version of one of the most classic cocktails.
    By David

  8. Mint JulepMint Julep

    A timeless classic.
    By austin91

  9. Strawberry DaiquiriStrawberry Daiquiri

    A frozen strawberry daiquiri is about the finest drink you can have at the height of the strawberry season.
    By David

  10. Slam DunkSlam Dunk

    The perfect drink to enjoy on a sunny terrace just before having dinner.
    By David

  11. Ti PunchTi Punch

    Traditional cocktail from La Martinique
    By ET

  12. NegroniNegroni

    A popular italian pre-dinner cocktail. If you like the taste of Campari.
    By David