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Drinks with gin.

Ingredients required: Triple Sec, Sweet Vermouth, Simple Syrup, Raspberry Syrup, Pineapple Juice, Orange Liqueur, Orange Juice, Monin Gingerbread Syrup, Mint Leaves, Lime Juice. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by Deborat

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  1. Blue ArrowBlue Arrow

    Gin and oranges. Blue style. And nothing in common (unfortunately) with the Green Arrow. Not heroic, yet tasty and refreshing.
    By johnniepop

  2. White LadyWhite Lady

    My favorite aperitif. Tasty and very refreshing!
    By David

  3. Pegu Club CocktailPegu Club Cocktail

    A classic cocktail from The Pegu Club in Burma
    By Shaun

  4. ParadiseParadise

    A sweet and fruity classic aperitif
    By Cinthia

  5. Flying Dutchman

    A very simple but strong drink
    By David

  6. Fallen Angel

    A hint of mint in your usual gin & lime combo.
    By David

  7. Leap YearLeap Year

    The Leap Year is a somewhat popular cocktail, at least it's been around for many years (1930's at least) and if it is not on the tips of tongues, it is at least in the back of some minds and a well-rounded Martini alternative. This is a sort of enhanced Gin & It or an orange-flavored Emerson.
    By Gennekak

  8. Hendricks EllisonHendricks Ellison

    Elegant drink to start the night off. The Ellison is a delicious mix of cucumber and mint - always a hit with the ladies
    By Harvs

  9. BelmontBelmont

    A raspberry summer cocktail.
    By David

  10. Park AvenuePark Avenue

    A pineapple flavored Martini.
    By David

  11. Gingerbread Collins

    A fantastic twist on the Tom Collins. Very simple to make, just replace the traditional sugar syrup with Monin Gingerbread syrup (NOT to be confused with Ginger Syrup). Try with care, you won't want a normal Tom Collins again after trying this
    By Harvs

  12. White Horse

    Never try never know
    By alexyoong123