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Pegu Club Cocktail

Pegu Club Cocktail

A classic cocktail from The Pegu Club in Burma

[Aperitif] [Happy Hour] [Party] [Refreshing] [Simple]

Ingredients [ oz | cl ][ My Bar ]
1 12 oz Gin[ Add ]
34 oz Cointreau[ Add ]
2 dashes Angostura Bitters[ Add ]
12 oz Lime Juice[ Add ]
Method: Prepare in a shaker
Glass: Cocktail
  1. Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker and serve in cocktail glass with lime wedge garnish.
  2. Make sure to use Cointreau NOT Triple Sec. It does make a difference!!

Volume: 2.8 oz
Alcohol units: 2.8 standard drinks
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 33%


Times viewed: 77861
Average Score: 8.0 (26 votes)

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A classic from the Pegu Club in Burma during the height of the British Empire.

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My second favourite gin cocktail (after the Negroni). The good thing about it is, that it is prone to some level of experimentation. I tried it with my home-made orange liqueurs, and it was still awesome.

Comment by johnniepop on 2015-05-20 05:28:58

sharp and strong

Comment by rocket.ian on 2014-06-27 14:32:29

No I meant Cointreau Yes the cheap stuff can ruin it but Grand Marnier and the others listed just don't fit the bill

Comment by Shaun on 2013-03-24 10:25:15

I used Bittermen's Burlesque Bitters and 03 Premium Orange Liqueur (from DeKuyper) it was absolutely amazing! As for the tip to use Cointreau, I believe they mean to use a GOOD Triple Sec and not just the generic artificial crap, so Grand Marnier, Marie Brizard, Patron Citronge and all those should work just fine. The cheap stuff can really ruin it...ruin everything, for what it's worth...

Comment by susanne.aldridge on 2013-03-15 17:20:23

Very Refreshing... I put 2 drops of Angostura Bitters in... not sure if a dash=1 drop but that seemed to taste good :)

Comment by colonel on 2011-06-01 12:40:27

Added by Shaun on
Last updated on 2011-01-23 11:12:10
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