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Jus de lime

Jus de lime

Type: Jus
Prefer the key limes. The small one with a pale green skin. They are also known as Mexican limes.
Use a hand-juicer to extract all the juice (about 2 oz per lime).
Use the juice immediately.

Ajout par David

Tous les drinks avec Jus de lime

  1. AcapulcoAcapulco 7,2/10

    Un drink tropical bien connu. Un daiquiri avec de la liqueur d'orange.
    Par David

  2. Classic Ramos Gin Fizz 7,0/10

    Famous cocktail popularized by the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. Huey Long's personal favorite.
    Par blake

  3. Virgin MargaritaVirgin Margarita 7,0/10

    A very easy non alcoholic but very tasty margarita. Serves 4.
    Par Angus

  4. Daiquiri aux bananes #2Daiquiri aux bananes #2 7,0/10

    Une version plus légère du daiquiri aux bananes
    Par David

  5. JageritaJagerita 7,0/10

    Margarita with a twist of Jagermeister
    Par StotheH&M

  6. Gorgeous D 7,0/10

    Nice drink for a night in or out
    Par scuba

  7. Esmeralda 6,8/10

    A cool drink with Tequila and Honey
    Par David

  8. Perfect MargaritaPerfect Margarita 6,8/10

    Par Shaun

  9. The Orange State PirateThe Orange State Pirate 6,7/10

    An aromatic cocktail that combines the use of fresh juice and exotic ingredients such as Haiti bitter orange essence, Trinidad (the land of hummingbird, South Caribbean) spiced rum and a hint of almond from Amaretto. Carefully crafted drink with two stages shaken method to create an opaque sunrise orange potion and smooth lingering taste that will take away your soul. Garnish with flamed orange peel to celebrate the Orange State Pirate flag of its trademark.
    Par TeerawatJutamontree

  10. White-KalopishuaWhite-Kalopishua 6,5/10

    Only for tough stomach
    Par Kalop

  11. Bacardi CocktailBacardi Cocktail 6,0/10

    La seule recette de cocktail protégée par la loi.
    Par David

  12. Iguana MartiniIguana Martini 5,5/10

    Sunny Pascal's favorite strong drink, from the book 'Bitter Drink'.
    Par F.G. Haghenbeck

  13. Simple Sling 5,0/10

    A simple variation on the classic Singapore Sling, for those who don't have the more exotic extras.
    Par HubND

  14. Pineapple Cosmo

    Refreshing cocktail with citrus and sweet undertones
    Par gabjet

  15. Wonderlust's Cocktail

    Mastic based cocktail with a mixture of taste and smell
    Par SteliosDiomidous

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