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Jus de lime

Jus de lime

Type: Jus
Prefer the key limes. The small one with a pale green skin. They are also known as Mexican limes.
Use a hand-juicer to extract all the juice (about 2 oz per lime).
Use the juice immediately.

Ajout par David

Tous les drinks avec Jus de lime

  1. Fidel CastroFidel Castro 8,0/10

    Un drink simple à base de rhum.
    Par David

  2. Casa Deliscioso House Margarita 8,0/10

    This variation of the classic margarita is easy to make and the perfect way to cool down on a hot, humid day. Can be made in bulk for large gatherings.
    Par jimster

  3. Cherry Bakewell 8,0/10

    A shot that tastes sweet like the English dessert it is named after.
    Par mask34

  4. Coconut Mint Collins 8,0/10

    Malibu rum gives this drink it's distinctive taste. Lime and mint keep it light and refreshing.
    Par dhayter

  5. Devil's Island Ice TeaDevil's Island Ice Tea 8,0/10

    A VERY, VERY strong cocktail that might grow hair on your palms, and make you howl at the moon.
    Par 200ProofDAVE

  6. KerplunkKerplunk 8,0/10

    Aromatic and refreshing
    Par Bobologist

  7. Seven Seas 8,0/10

    The perfect cure for summer heat. A rum lover's dream.
    Par SpiritOf78

  8. Cement Mixer 8,0/10

    An out of the ordinary shooter which is tasty to some and nasty to others but nonetheless is a good time to be had. The libation turns into a sticky, cement-like substance as the drinker swishes the mixture in his or her mouth.
    Par justvater

  9. Jack RoseJack Rose 8,0/10

    Probablement le drink à base de brandy de pommes le plus populaire.
    Par David

  10. Fallen Angel 8,0/10

    A hint of mint in your usual gin & lime combo.
    Par David

  11. ScorpionScorpion 7,9/10

    Un classique tiki créé par Trader Vic. Excellent pour tout party estival!
    Par David

  12. MatadorMatador 7,8/10

    Un drink classique à base de tequila
    Par David

  13. Bandicoot 7,6/10

    I created this cocktail for our college get together party of Maliyadeva College 89 group
    Par vimukthi sumathiratne

  14. Berr-tini 7,5/10

    A fruity, rich flavored cocktail.
    Par uribecano

  15. Hendricks EllisonHendricks Ellison 7,2/10

    Elegant drink to start the night off. The Ellison is a delicious mix of cucumber and mint - always a hit with the ladies
    Par Harvs

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