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Type: Spiritueux
Le whisky est le nom générique d'un ensemble d'eaux-de-vie fabriquées par distillation de céréales maltées ou non maltées et agées dans des barils de bois.
Alcool par volume: 40%

Ajouté par David

Tous les drinks avec Whisky

  1. Flaming Voodoo JulepFlaming Voodoo Julep 10,0/10

    Turn the classic on its head for your Derby party! Finally a julep to enjoy any time, instead of enduring for the yearly Run For The Roses. Mysterious/notorious components for conversation starters.
    Par ktsnead

  2. The Dubliner 10,0/10

    A Balanced Irish Whiskey Cocktail
    Par dutchtrader

  3. Penny's Hot Apple Pie 10,0/10

    Essence of Autumn: Spicy, Cinnamon, Nutmeg. COOL to the mouth, but WARM to the soul!
    Par frogspit213

  4. RevolverRevolver 9,5/10

    Coffee and oranges married in a sweet, spicy bourbon. Unexpectedly delicious and aromatic.
    Par johnniepop

  5. Suffering Bastard 9,5/10

    A really refreshing gin and bourbon cocktail.
    Par dutchtrader

  6. Vieux CarreVieux Carre 9,5/10

    Strong, sophisticated, perfect for sipping.
    Par AnOldCowhand

  7. Jim's Root Beer Float 9,3/10

    Root Beer Float made with Jim Beam Honey Whiskey, Root Beer and Vanilla Ice Cream.
    Par Zuckerton

  8. FirewhiskeyFirewhiskey 9,2/10

    A fiery shot to spice up your night!
    Par bethlewis11

  9. FrancescoFrancesco 9,0/10

    A refreshing yet fun drink off an old classic.
    Par Francesco

  10. Señor SparrowSeñor Sparrow 9,0/10

    Most men believe that Cocktails are ladies drink. I've been thinking of a bitter Cocktail for men.well its not that bitter,but strong enough for a man to enjoy No man would say no to rum, and whiskey. I combined 2 men in my mind,its short but worth ur money,its based on Captain Jack Sparrow's life story
    Par abielecious

  11. ScofflawScofflaw 9,0/10

    One of the tastiest bourbon/rye based cocktails.
    Par johnniepop

  12. Scottish Ginger-Ale 9,0/10

    Nice refreshing whisky-based drink
    Par ThomasFraBergen

  13. Angry AppleAngry Apple 9,0/10

    A good one for those who don't like the taste of beer. A good bubbly. Make it mild or spice it up. Use FireBall Whisky to taste.
    Par smithjudy30

  14. Triple C 9,0/10

    A refreshing drink full of flavour.
    Par AndrewOliver

  15. Rasp Jack 9,0/10

    Very nice refreshing drink
    Par Shanerobo77

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