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Cocktails de la catgorie Rafraichissant

Les cocktails les plus raffraichissants a déguster lors d'une chaude journée d'été ou après une intense journée de travail.

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  1. Ginger Yule 10,0/10

    A lovely bitter-sweet cocktail based on Stones Ginger Wine, Rum and Triple Sec
    Par stul

  2. Squeezed Sheiny SundownSqueezed Sheiny Sundown 10,0/10

    Fruity refreshing sweet and slightly sour longdrink with Hein's favorite juices.
    Par Gennekak

  3. The Happy Grapefruit 10,0/10

    A refreshing Summer single serving drink
    Par KrisWi

  4. NomayoNomayo 10,0/10

    A little treasure out of the ST-GERMAIN's own cocktail list.
    Par johnniepop

  5. Cherry Bubblecake 10,0/10

    Sweet, fun easy to make drink - a touch of luxury without the cost.
    Par Bobologist

  6. Virgin Cherry Bubblecake 10,0/10

    Based on the cherry bubblecake but one for the kids and the drivers - great for wedding toasts and parties.
    Par Bobologist

  7. PastinacaPastinaca 10,0/10

    "First, one must think of oneself as an artisan." With such attitude the St-Germain creators take a Margarita and turn it in their own masterpiece.
    Par johnniepop

  8. Amaretto SourAmaretto Sour 10,0/10

    Not too sweet, not too sour - just super pleasant. Worth the extra effort to make.
    Par Tawny

  9. Ama Ice MilkAma Ice Milk 10,0/10

    Its a creamy cocktail everyone will love

  10. Raise your flagRaise your flag 10,0/10

    The drink is sweet and a bit stronger, made proud South Africans who are willing to wave their flag in style
    Par abielecious

  11. Olor De ExoticoOlor De Exotico 10,0/10

    The exotic aromas all in one cocktail. Delicious, fruity, gorgeous and refreshing!
    Par SteliosDiomidous

  12. Cucumber Martini 10,0/10

    A sweet refreshing Martini. Tastes of fresh cucumbers with a hint of mint.
    Par davidzabran

  13. Disarita 10,0/10

    Very refreshing and well balanced variation of a margarita.
    Par stangelj

  14. Blue Citrus 10,0/10

    Citrus drink with a blue appearance
    Par HarryJamesJones

  15. Tubi60TopoTubi60Topo 10,0/10

    With only 3 ingredients, one of them being ice, there's no simpler way to enjoy the night or the day.
    Par happyvicky1981

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