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23 décembre 2014 - Les 12 drinks de Noel

Alex de la cie Revivol a publié un infographique sur Les 12 drinks de Noel. Santé!

7 décembre 2014 - Les Fetes s'en viennent!

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  • Tubi60TopoTania P-C commente le Tubi60Topo

    Here's a suggestion - how about a fun competition - every country submit it's best cocktail and then we see which world cocktail wins! A cocktail should sum up elements of it's country's origins. Like for instance tubi60 comes from Israel so the tubi60 cocktail submitted could be put forward to represent that country. Just a suggestion! A Greek submission might have Ouzo in it or Retsina! Anyone up for it? Come on, how about it, a World cocktail contest! What would be British? Something containing Gin? Any suggestions to get me started? I won't be representing all of the UK, that's too easy, just England! Tania P-C

  • Tubi60TopoTania P-C commente le Tubi60Topo

    Hi! What an amazing spirit! Can you get Tubi 60 in England? It sounds like something I would enjoy. Can anyone describe what this smells lke and the initial taste. Is it slightly sweet? Are there any similar spirits from around rhe world that are herbsl or contain lots of natural ingredients? Thanks! Tsnia P-C

  • MadrasDavid commente le Madras

    The Madras recipe has been around for a long time. Definitely not my creation. I suspect the name refers to the vivid colors, similar to those of a famous cloth from Madras, India. Not sure at all though!

  • VampireTania P-C commente le Vampire

    I found your Easter drinks. Do you have any other ideas that relate to Easter cocktails? For instance, could an Easter cocktail be made with eggs? I'm wondering if Spring cocktails could contain ingredients that are in season in Spring? Any suggestions? I've got a bumper crop of apples and pears from my garden this Autumn. I wonder if they could be used in a cocktail? Any ideas for Autumnal cocktails? Many thanks, Tania P-C

  • MadrasTania P-C commente le Madras

    Hi David, I found your Easter drinks. Is the Madras your creation? Looking at the ingredients, I wonder why it's called a Madras? There's nothing particularly Indian, Asian or exotic about it although I can imagine it being very refreshing on a hot day! I thought it would have spices or a chillie twist! Any thoughts? Thank you. Tania P-C

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  1. Louiz

    A nice summer drink
    Par vidz97

  2. Outerbanks Sunrise

    The perfect wakeup drink to enjoy the sunrise at the Outerbanks in North Carolina. Fresh orange juice with just the right amount of vodka and sweetness provided by Patron Citronge Orange Liqueur then topped with a maraschino cherry.
    Par Bubbasaurusrex

  3. Chocolate Monkey

    A great winter time hot drink.
    Par jimpook250

  4. Hell Is On Fire

    A spicy and very strong drink, guaranteed to fire you up.
    Par 200ProofDAVE

  5. The Old WestThe Old West

    Very smooth, but packs a huge punch.
    Par cubajosh

  6. Tequila Sunset

    A unique take on the traditional Tequila Sunrise; for a more tropical flavor use coconut tequila
    Par gabjet

  7. Tubi60TopoTubi60Topo

    With only 3 ingredients, one of them being ice, there's no simpler way to enjoy the night or the day.
    Par happyvicky1981

  8. Coconut Mint Collins

    Malibu rum gives this drink it's distinctive taste. Lime and mint keep it light and refreshing.
    Par dhayter

  9. Toddy Dream

    Ideal cocktail for your leisure time
    Par vimukthi sumathiratne

  10. The Carribean Cocktail

    This cool Caribbean Refresher will give your taste buds the time of their life!
    Par dg6176