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December 23, 2014 - The 12 drinks of Chrismas

Alex from Revivol published a nice infographic showcasing 12 delicious drinks to enjoy on Christmas Day. Enjoy!

December 7, 2014 - Holiday Season about to start!

Get ready with the season drink section!

June 15, 2014 - Submit a picture for a drink

You may now add a picture for any drink that doesn't already have one. Click the Upload Picture link located where the picture should go.

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Latest Cocktails

  1. Orange Punch

    A cool tropical strong drink.
    By RoyJohnson

  2. Fruit RollupFruit Rollup

    A very fruity, fun drink. The mix is almost as hard to identify individual flavors as a fruit rollup or colored fruit candies.
    By Tawny

  3. Boston Ice Tea

    Variation of a Long Island.
    By RossTomsen

  4. Doctors OrdersDoctors Orders

    Great winter night cocktail

  5. Reindeer Fuel

    Nice Christmas drink
    By d lounge

  6. Vodka Collins Vodka Collins

    Great and refreshing drink for parties
    By vimukthi sumathiratne

  7. Brandy Sour Brandy Sour

    The Brandy Sour is a mixed alcoholic cocktail considered the unofficial national cocktail of Cyprus
    By vimukthi sumathiratne

  8. Devil's Island Ice TeaDevil's Island Ice Tea

    A VERY, VERY strong cocktail that might grow hair on your palms, and make you howl at the moon.
    By 200ProofDAVE

  9. GMC Pickup

    A strong, velvety cocktail
    By NoMi

  10. Rusty Volvo

    A strong, tasty mix of ales
    By NoMi