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December 23, 2014 - The 12 drinks of Chrismas

Alex from Revivol published a nice infographic showcasing 12 delicious drinks to enjoy on Christmas Day. Enjoy!

December 7, 2014 - Holiday Season about to start!

Get ready with the season drink section!

June 15, 2014 - Submit a picture for a drink

You may now add a picture for any drink that doesn't already have one. Click the Upload Picture link located where the picture should go.

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  • Irish Trashcanwingren91 commenting on the Irish Trashcan

    hey that┤s pretty ood

  • Teza commenting on the Spiced Ginger Mojito

    Nie jest zly - tak na 7,5

  • Amaretto Lemon Limeogho commenting on the Amaretto Lemon Lime

    Good so long as you use good juices.

  • Long Island Ice TeaLord Dionysus commenting on the Long Island Ice Tea

    When you look at the ingredients list, you wonder what the hell it will taste like, but they all compliment each other into a lovely drink. It was the cocktail of the evening at one of my dinner parties and was loved by many of the guests.

  • dhansen commenting on the Hiroshima

    Interesting combination, not a bad tasting drink but not something I am going to go looking for.

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Latest Cocktails

  1. Outerbanks Sunrise

    The perfect wakeup drink to enjoy the sunrise at the Outerbanks in North Carolina. Fresh orange juice with just the right amount of vodka and sweetness provided by Patron Citronge Orange Liqueur then topped with a maraschino cherry.
    By Bubbasaurusrex

  2. Chocolate Monkey

    A great winter time hot drink.
    By jimpook250

  3. Hell Is On Fire

    A spicy and very strong drink, guaranteed to fire you up.
    By 200ProofDAVE

  4. The Old WestThe Old West

    Very smooth, but packs a huge punch.
    By cubajosh

  5. Tequila Sunset

    A unique take on the traditional Tequila Sunrise; for a more tropical flavor use coconut tequila
    By gabjet

  6. Tubi60TopoTubi60Topo

    With only 3 ingredients, one of them being ice, there's no simpler way to enjoy the night or the day.
    By happyvicky1981

  7. Coconut Mint Collins

    Malibu rum gives this drink it's distinctive taste. Lime and mint keep it light and refreshing.
    By dhayter

  8. Toddy Dream

    Ideal cocktail for your leisure time
    By vimukthi sumathiratne

  9. The Carribean Cocktail

    This cool Caribbean Refresher will give your taste buds the time of their life!
    By dg6176

  10. Blue Citrus

    Citrus drink with a blue appearance
    By HarryJamesJones