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June 10, 2018 - Summer is back!

I'm starting the new seasons with some of my summer favorites: A Caipirinha and a Mojito.

June 8, 2018 - A few display errors with international characters were fixed

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December 23, 2014 - The 12 drinks of Chrismas

Alex from Revivol published a nice infographic showcasing 12 delicious drinks to enjoy on Christmas Day. Enjoy!

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What you have to say about the drinks!

  • Hendricks EllisonAferrari commenting on the Hendricks Ellison


  • Amaretto Lemon LimeTaclys commenting on the Amaretto Lemon Lime

    Legit unbelievably tasty. I had squeezed the lemon and lime juice, it is exceptional. The best part is you can add a splash more amaretto if it’s too sour to sweeten it up.

  • Holiday AlmondLarry Cohran commenting on the Holiday Almond

    Your correct is not enough!

  • Lemon DaiquiriBlackcat commenting on the Lemon Daiquiri

    I swapped out the rum for Tequila, this then makes a quick margarita style drink.

  • Green StarBlackcat commenting on the Green Star

    I accidently made this with Bacardi Malibu, but surprisingly it tasted really good.

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Latest Cocktails

  1. Velvet Seduction

    Rich and creamy
    By ChristopherDavey

  2. Kiss of the ConcubineKiss of the Concubine

    The delicate combination of perfumed lychee and a hint of mint compliments the almond flavour of amaretto liqueur perfectly.
    By dangerwilrobinson

  3. Apple Pie on the RocksApple Pie on the Rocks

    A festive, boozy treat that's spicy, cool and easy-to-make.
    By dangerwilrobinson

  4. Tuaca Lemon Drop ShotTuaca Lemon Drop Shot

    This lemon drop shot is the perfect start to an unforgettable evening.
    By Taclys

  5. Fish House Punch

    This most venerable of American flowing bowls is held to have been first concocted in 1732 at Philadelphia's fishing club in Schuylkill, also known as the "Fish House".
    By john2626

  6. Suntan Lotion

    Ok it tastes alot better then it sounds, Reminds me of the beach
    By justakid

  7. Alexander the great

    Very smooth cream heavy drink
    By justakid

  8. Hailstorm

    Just a nice winter, warming drink. very rich
    By justakid

  9. Cherry Bakewell

    A shot that tastes sweet like the English dessert it is named after.
    By mask34

  10. Louiz

    A nice summer drink
    By vidz97