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Cocktails de la catgorie Dessert

Les meilleurs cocktails à servir comme dessert

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  1. Full MoonFull Moon 9,0/10

    Triple sec mellows the bite of the amaretto in this surprisingly sweet dessert.
    Par Tawny

  2. Horny ToadHorny Toad 9,0/10

    Like a liquid orange-chocolate candy
    Par Tawny

  3. Roasted Toasted AlmondRoasted Toasted Almond 9,0/10

    A lighter, and more alcoholic, version of the classic Toasted Almond.
    Par Tawny

  4. Nutty PirateNutty Pirate 9,0/10

    Amaretto jazzed up a bit. Splendid final drink of the evening.
    Par Tawny

  5. South Cali Pineapple Smash 9,0/10

    Sweet simple version of a cherry smash
    Par ilaidshero

  6. Sweet Orgasm 9,0/10

    Very Sweet strong Coctail
    Par SteliosDiomidous

  7. Toblerone CocktailToblerone Cocktail 8,9/10

    Un délicieux cocktail au gout de milkshake!
    Par David

  8. ButterbeerButterbeer 8,8/10

    the classic Three Broomsticks drink from Harry Potter
    Par bethlewis11

  9. The Gotham JusticeThe Gotham Justice 8,8/10

    The Batman mocktail is good, but not good enough. A small hint of spirit can make it even extraordinary.
    Par johnniepop

  10. Midori Splice 8,8/10

    The best Caribbean drink....
    Par NicolleBuzas-Weiss

  11. The White Dane 8,7/10

    A really great, creamy drink. Perfect for dessert and alike.
    Par holgerwich

  12. Batman Cocktail #2Batman Cocktail #2 8,7/10

    This non-alcoholic version of the cocktail has nothing in common with its spirited counter-part. It doesn't resemble the name in no way, except maybe that it is pretty cool mocktail after all.
    Par johnniepop

  13. MudslideMudslide 8,6/10

    Un délicieux cocktail dessert
    Par David

  14. Noel BlancNoel Blanc 8,6/10

    Un cocktail cremeux, parfait pour la saison des fêtes.
    Par David

  15. One Of Those Things 8,6/10

    This is seriously ONE OF THOSE THINGS! One of those things that you will never forget, not the taste of that first sip. One of those things that will never fail to impress your friends. One of those things that you will continue enjoying! JUST, One of those things. :)
    Par missmoomoo

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