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The Gotham Justice

The Gotham Justice

The Batman mocktail is good, but not good enough. A small hint of spirit can make it even extraordinary.

[Dessert] [Party] [Piscine] [Rafraichissant] [Sucré]

Ingrdients [ oz | cl ][ Mon bar ]
1 partie Cointreau[ Ajouter ]
3 parties Jus d'orange[ Ajouter ]
0.5 c. à café Grenadine[ Ajouter ]
2 parties Eau tonique[ Ajouter ]
Mthode: Préparer dans le verre
Verre: à cocktail
  1. Fill the Collins glass half-way with ice.
  2. Pour the Cointreau.
  3. Add the orange juice.
  4. A dash of Grenadin (or even one of blood orange juice is perfectly applicable).
  5. Fill up with tonic.
  6. You may float a maraschino cherry or two in it.

Volume: 6,1 oz
Units d'alcool: 1,2 verre standard
Alcool par volume (ABV): 7%


Nombre de visionnement: 16700
Evaluation moyenne: 8,8 (6 valuations)

Mon valuation


When I tried the Batman cocktail (the non-alcoholic version) for the first time, I liked it very much, but I thought something small is missing. Thinking in oranges, the best one can think of is the Cointreau. Hence with a little tweaking the justice was restored.

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    This non-alcoholic version of the cocktail has nothing in common with its spirited counter-part. It doesn't resemble the name in no way, except maybe that it is pretty cool mocktail after all.

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