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Ingredients required: White Rum, Vodka, Triple Sec, Sprite, Spiced Rum, Simple Syrup, Sambuca, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Orange. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by okovar

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  1. Lemon KamikaziLemon Kamikazi

    The famous shooter, as a cocktail, that uses lemon instead of lime. Clean and brisk.
    By Tawny

  2. Meister on MarsMeister on Mars

    If done correctly there will be four individual layers of red, orange, blue, and black that should mimic mars and it phasing into space.
    By Intoxicologist

  3. Slippery NipplesSlippery Nipples

    A popular shooter, made of Sambuca and Bailey's.
    By David

  4. Gin & Sin

    Tasty and refreshing classic.
    By gcasta

  5. Narranga

    A fresh and sweet beverage for those hot days or at a party when you're having fun. To put it short: drink it whenever, wherever you can.
    By kpaenen

  6. 77 Sunset Strip77 Sunset Strip

    Gorgeous sunset looking cocktail. One that makes those who don't like drinking want more
    By michael_spain

  7. Neondad

    A green screwdriver
    By yrtti

  8. Bloody Smurf

    Its a small drink with a really peculiar taste. Its half dark green and half red with a little white inside
    By rex111198

  9. Blue BootyBlue Booty

    A fruity drink with a considerable amount of alcohol.
    By justvater

  10. Baby BlueBaby Blue

    A very cleansing tropical cocktail
    By ivan89le

  11. Bleu Che

    A blue version of the che che
    By AMIR

  12. Apple Jack no 2Apple Jack no 2

    Jack Daniel's and Apple Juice.
    By David

  13. Irish JulepIrish Julep

    The perfect drink for St. Patrick's Day
    By David