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stuff that would look awesome on the tables

Ingredients required: Worcestershire Sauce, Vodka Absolut Kurant, Vodka (orange flavored), Vodka, Vanilla Coke, Tequila, Tabasco, Sweet Vermouth, Sweet and Sour, Sugar. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by ninchan

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  1. The Dark Knight Rises CocktailThe Dark Knight Rises Cocktail

    need to change name and the recipe a lil bit
    By MaliciaFlore

  2. Cuba LibreCuba Libre

    a classic
    By David

  3. Bloody CeasarBloody Ceasar

    let's have an alcoholic variation of Bloody Mary, maybe with less of a Worcester sauce but with a different liquoer instead
    By David

  4. Lemon GingeriniLemon Gingerini

    sounds good, ginger is not a big problem to deal with
    By Zuellander

  5. MetropolitanMetropolitan

    a variation on the classic - why not?
    By David

  6. French MartiniFrench Martini

    why not? simple and sounds good
    By David

  7. Cable CarCable Car

    might need to change name and maybe an ingredient or two - don't wanna have anyone recognising it and complainin
    By David

  8. AmericanoAmericano

    perfect time-wise
    By David

  9. French 75French 75

    sounds glamorous enough
    By David

  10. Moonlight MartiniMoonlight Martini

    pretty strong, although not sure about the taste
    By David

  11. Old PalOld Pal

    really strong for a cocktail with a decadent flair
    By David

  12. Strawberry DaiquiriStrawberry Daiquiri

    another classic
    By David

  13. Girls Night OutGirls Night Out

    for all the ladies
    By jeffery.bennett.92

  14. Scarlett O'HaraScarlett O'Hara

    simple and Southern for all those Texan guests
    By David

  15. Wet Pussy

    just the right name and easy
    By mlbuck69

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