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no shopping necessary

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Ingredients required: White Rum, Whisky, Vodka, Triple Sec, Tequila, Tea, Sugar, Sprite, Simple Syrup, Rum. [See the full ingredient list]

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  1. Black RussianBlack Russian

    A very strong drink for those long winter nights. A nice coffee treat, perfect to end the night.
    By David

  2. White RussianWhite Russian

    A famous derivative of the Black Russian cocktail. The favored beverage of "The Dude" character in The Big Lebowski!
    By David

  3. ScrewdriverScrewdriver

    Classic orange juice and vodka cocktail
    By David

  4. BalalaikaBalalaika

    may be a bit sour for me w/lemon juice from a bottle--try squeezed
    By David

  5. White LadyWhite Lady

    My favorite aperitif. Tasty and very refreshing!
    By David

  6. Lemon DropLemon Drop

    A very simple and tasty Martini.
    By David

  7. Brave BullBrave Bull

    stupid name, delicious drink
    By David

  8. Mint JulepMint Julep

    mum might like this one
    By austin91

  9. Porto FlipPorto Flip

    want to try!
    By David

  10. Irish CoffeeIrish Coffee

    By David

  11. Whisky Sour Classic

    A smoother version of the simplest mixed drink you can do with whisky.
    By jclayton112

  12. Tom CollinsTom Collins

    technically i don't have club soda--but it's super easy to find so it doesn't count
    By David

  13. Lime Fizz

    except maybe for the shaker!
    By Zuellander

  14. Brown Cow

    A simple drink with Kahlua
    By David

  15. SidecarSidecar

    cointreau = fancypants triple sec
    By David

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