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Summer 2013

Summer 2013


Ingredients required: White Rum, Vodka (orange flavored), Vodka, Triple Sec, Tequila, Sweet Vermouth, Sugar, Southern Comfort, Simple Syrup, Scotch. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by catiescarlet

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  1. Sex on the BeachSex on the Beach

    Several variations of this very popular drink exist. This is my favorite.
    By David

  2. 57 Chevy

    A sweet and highly drinkable summertime drink
    By David

  3. Fuzzy NavelFuzzy Navel

    A very simple cocktail made with orange juice and peach schnapps.
    By David

  4. Lovebird

    A sweet tasty cocktail with the colors which resembles that of a lovebird
    By egouder

  5. Second Opinion

    A quick and easy drink for parties and relaxing with friends. A response to the Cuba Libre.
    By Laertes Ursus

  6. Blue Pineapple

    Frozen Blue Margarita
    By Shaun

  7. ZombieZombie

    The zombie is popular among young crowds. It's delicious and packs a very strong alcoholic content. This drink is dangerous, after 2 of them you'll likely walk like a zombie.
    By David

  8. GodmotherGodmother

    A softer version of the Godfather
    By David

  9. Blood and SandBlood and Sand

    A scotch cocktail named after the 1922 movie.
    By David

  10. Weng wengWeng weng

    A popular but strong drink from the Philippines.
    By David

  11. FlirtiniFlirtini

    Another popular drink from Sex in the City
    By David

  12. The Dark Knight Rises CocktailThe Dark Knight Rises Cocktail

    Do you like superhero movies like the batman trilogy of Christopher Nolan? Do you like cocktails? I suggest you to discover The Dark Knight Cocktail. A refreshing and fruity cocktail with Black vodka (wild berry flavored), Cranberry juice and lemonade.
    By MaliciaFlore

  13. Banana DaiquiriBanana Daiquiri

    Another variation of this excellent tropical drink
    By David

  14. Scarlett O'HaraScarlett O'Hara

    A simple summer drink named after the charming Southern belle from Gone in the Wind.
    By David

  15. Apple Pie

    Incredibly simple cocktail with just two ingredients. Zubrowka Vodka and Apple Juice. Easy to drink and tastes just like apple pie.
    By Harvs

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