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Gin (London Dry)

Gin (London Dry)

Type: Spiritueux (de la catégorie Gin)
London Dry Gin, one of the most popular gin available.
Alcool par volume: 40%

Ajouté par David

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  1. Gin Cum Treau 9,5/10

    Sounds like a dream come true. Another of my pre dinner cocktail.
    Par Mufti Hakim

  2. Boston Ice Tea 9,0/10

    Variation of a Long Island.
    Par RossTomsen

  3. BrambleBramble 8,7/10

    Créé en 1984 par Dick Bradsell du Fred’s Club (London’s Soho) commme une alternative to the Cosmopolitan.
    Par David

  4. Raise your flagRaise your flag 8,7/10

    The drink is sweet and a bit stronger, made proud South Africans who are willing to wave their flag in style
    Par abielecious

  5. 77 Sunset Strip77 Sunset Strip 8,5/10

    Gorgeous sunset looking cocktail. One that makes those who don't like drinking want more
    Par michael_spain

  6. Gin Garden 8,5/10

    I have been drinking this one all summer. Perfect for a warm evening on the balcony, so I guess most of you will be enjoying this one next in 2015.
    Par CartmanCow

  7. Negroni a la Racoco 8,5/10

    A variation on a classic cocktail
    Par Racoco

  8. Narranga 8,3/10

    A fresh and sweet beverage for those hot days or at a party when you're having fun. To put it short: drink it whenever, wherever you can.
    Par kpaenen

  9. Red Orange 8,0/10

    An aperitif for 4.
    Par jeanojoli

  10. Vertige 8,0/10

    Par SlimaneRhounimi

  11. BrominBromin 7,7/10

    Refreshing drink for who like Gin :)
    Par brominqypts14

  12. Burma Hump 7,0/10

    Not quite gin and tonic, not quite a gimlet. It evokes flavors of the British influence in India.
    Par gatoree

  13. Classic Ramos Gin Fizz 7,0/10

    Famous cocktail popularized by the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. Huey Long's personal favorite.
    Par blake

  14. Lion's Heart 7,0/10

    A hearty but soft drink for those days when you want to relax... or party.
    Par kpaenen

  15. Vesper Grey 7,0/10

    The key to this twist on the Vesper classic is the use of Earl Grey tea infused Russian Vodka.
    Par HighSpirits

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