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Sirop de sucre

Sirop de sucre

Type: Sirop
On peut faire du sirop de sucre facilement en faisant bouillir 1 tasse d'eau. Ajouter ensuite petit à petit 2 tasses de sucre. Laisser refroidir.

Ajout par David

Tous les drinks avec Sirop de sucre

  1. Cucumber Martini 10,0/10

    A sweet refreshing Martini. Tastes of fresh cucumbers with a hint of mint.
    Par davidzabran

  2. Virgin Cherry Bubblecake 10,0/10

    Based on the cherry bubblecake but one for the kids and the drivers - great for wedding toasts and parties.
    Par Bobologist

  3. Cherry Bubblecake 10,0/10

    Sweet, fun easy to make drink - a touch of luxury without the cost.
    Par Bobologist

  4. Luxury Cherry Bubblecake 10,0/10

    Extravagant champagne cocktail. Great party drink to get everyone in the mood.
    Par Bobologist

  5. Vodka Pekoe 10,0/10

    It is a Prominent cocktail for prominent people
    Par vimukthi sumathiratne

  6. Vodka Collins Vodka Collins 9,8/10

    Great and refreshing drink for parties
    Par vimukthi sumathiratne

  7. The Green Beast 9,5/10

    My version of the Green Beast. A great refreshing absinthe cocktail! I use honey syrup rather than simple syrup, but I'm sure not much of a difference. Be sure to use fresh squeezed lime juice. The cucumber garnish infuses an added complexity.
    Par stangelj

  8. Golden PassionGolden Passion 9,5/10

    A variation on a Grand Passion
    Par keithpitty

  9. Extraordinary 9,4/10

    i intend to publish this cocktail to gain more knowledge about new cocktails
    Par vimukthi sumathiratne

  10. Bandung in Violet 9,3/10

    My first pre dinner cocktail
    Par Mufti Hakim

  11. Amaretto SourAmaretto Sour 9,2/10

    Prepare it correctly and you'll have a great drink!
    Par Pleuts

  12. Spiced Ginger Mojito 9,0/10

    Really refreshing twist on a mojito that packs a punch
    Par Ozzie

  13. Pear Vodka MojitoPear Vodka Mojito 9,0/10

    A delicious take on a classic mojito.
    Par Lmramsey89

  14. Jagerita #2 9,0/10

    No Tequila in this Jagerita
    Par dutchtrader

  15. Blue lemonade 9,0/10

    It's a little blue green but good
    Par taylor.deena.16

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