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Cabaret Shooters

Cabaret Shooters

if we do decide on selling shots, let's have them right

Ingredients required: Whipped cream, Vodka, Tequila, Sugar, Sour Puss Raspberry, Scotch, Sambuca, Peach Schnapps, Kahlúa, Jägermeister®. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by ninchan

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  1. Porn StarPorn Star

    dark in colour and with a more-or-less appropriate name
    By David

  2. B-52B-52

    sha;ll we have it flaming with the warm Marnier?
    By David

  3. Slippery NipplesSlippery Nipples

    sounds about right
    By David

  4. Redheaded SlutRedheaded Slut

    well-balanced and right-named
    By David

  5. Mind EraserMind Eraser

    don't forget the straw part
    By David

  6. Blow JobBlow Job

    for them wild girls
    By David

  7. Cherry Bomb

    yeah, no comment needed
    By whitehorse

  8. VampireVampire

    probably sounds better than it tastes, but whatever
    By David

  9. Black Forest

    dark and strong. yeah.
    By ipoesz

  10. Rocket Fuel

    that must be the strongest shot i've seen
    By David

  11. 4 Horsemen

    for them manly men
    By David

  12. Green FairyGreen Fairy

    coz u can't get any more decadent than that
    By David