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Ingredients required: White Rum, Whisky, Vodka, Triple Sec, Tequila, Sweet Vermouth, Sugar Cube, Strawberry, Sprite, Simple Syrup. [See the full ingredient list]

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  1. ManhattanManhattan

    Some would call the Manhattan the most classic cocktail, or the King of Cocktails.
    By David

  2. Rob RoyRob Roy

    The Gaelic cousin of the popular Manhattan.
    By David

  3. Swimming PoolSwimming Pool

    Probably the best cocktail ever invented by Charles Schumann, of the Schumann's bar fame in Munich.
    By David

  4. SazeracSazerac

    One of the oldest known cocktail
    By David

  5. Golden DreamGolden Dream

    A classic drink made with Galliano
    By David

  6. Narranga

    A fresh and sweet beverage for those hot days or at a party when you're having fun. To put it short: drink it whenever, wherever you can.
    By kpaenen

  7. White RussianWhite Russian

    A famous derivative of the Black Russian cocktail. The favored beverage of "The Dude" character in The Big Lebowski!
    By David

  8. NegroniNegroni

    A popular italian pre-dinner cocktail. If you like the taste of Campari.
    By David

  9. AmericanoAmericano

    A classic italian aperitif, popular among the American tourists in Italy in the early 1900s.
    By David

  10. Between the SheetsBetween the Sheets

    A delicious easy-to-drink cocktail
    By David

  11. SidecarSidecar

    A retro cocktail that served as the basis for a lot of classic cocktails.
    By David

  12. Brandy AlexanderBrandy Alexander

    A classic cocktail for a long winter night evening, with brandy instead of gin.
    By David

  13. Maiden's BlushMaiden's Blush

    Another cocktail inspired by the Sidecar classic
    By David

  14. MartiniMartini

    The icon of the cocktail culture.
    By David

  15. White LadyWhite Lady

    My favorite aperitif. Tasty and very refreshing!
    By David

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