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Bachelorette Party

Ingredients required: Whisky, Whipped cream, Water, Vodka Absolut Kurant, Vodka, Tropical Sourz, Triple Sec, Tequila (Gold), Tequila, Sweet and Sour. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by sunny2017

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  1. Blow JobBlow Job

    To be be shot without using your hands!
    By David

  2. Quick FuckQuick Fuck

    Smooth shot going down.
    By jandj21

  3. Jello ShotJello Shot

    Jello Shots are the perfect party recipe!
    By David

  4. Sea Sunrise

    Strong and weird
    By noufras

  5. (Joe's) Bounty

    Tastes just like a chocolate bounty bar
    By whitehorse

  6. Screaming OrgasmScreaming Orgasm

    A more potent orgasm.
    By David

  7. Slippery NipplesSlippery Nipples

    A popular shooter, made of Sambuca and Bailey's.
    By David

  8. B-52B-52

    One of the most popular shooters. This layered drink is named after the US B-52 Stratofortress long-range bomber used in the Viet-Nam war.
    By David

  9. Redheaded SlutRedheaded Slut

    A very popular shooter with Jagermeister.
    By David

  10. Whistle

    Smells like after taste
    By Yanah

  11. Teal

    Not the strongest but simple and tasty.
    By whitehorse

  12. Melon BombMelon Bomb

    A melon-flavored shooter
    By David

  13. AppletiniAppletini

    A very popular variation of the Vodka Martini
    By David

  14. Jolly Rancher

    Tastes just like the candy of the same name
    By David

  15. Buttery NippleButtery Nipple

    A tasty shooter that has the flavor of a creamy butterscotch candy.
    By David

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