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liste pour le bar

Ingredients required: White Rum, Whipped cream, Vodka Absolut Kurant, Vodka, Triple Sec, Tonic Water, Tequila (Gold), Tequila, Sweet Vermouth, Sugar. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by caromulti

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  1. NegroniNegroni

    A popular italian pre-dinner cocktail. If you like the taste of Campari.
    By David

  2. Coors-CognacCoors-Cognac

    A little upgrade to a light beer that gives a (GET INTO THE PARTY) feeling!
    By ET

  3. EnigmaEnigma

    By mojito21000

  4. KamikazeKamikaze

    This cocktail version of the Kamikaze shooter can do quite a bit of damage too.
    By David

  5. Stinger

    A traditional Big Apple nightcap. Easy to make, easy to love.
    By David

  6. Park AvenuePark Avenue

    A pineapple flavored Martini.
    By David

  7. Meister on MarsMeister on Mars

    If done correctly there will be four individual layers of red, orange, blue, and black that should mimic mars and it phasing into space.
    By Intoxicologist

  8. Jager BombJager Bomb

    This isn't called a bomb for nothing.
    By David

  9. Use ur illusion

    I just wanna know....u have to try it.....
    By ipoesz

  10. My Pink LadyMy Pink Lady

    A glamourous drink that sure to 'tickle you pink'.
    By Athena

  11. Master PMaster P

    Fresh sugary sour cocktail with a hint of vanilla nose, that drink itself!
    By FreAkInZ

  12. Bay BreezeBay Breeze

    The Hawaiian variation of the Sea Breeze.
    By David

  13. Harvey WallbangerHarvey Wallbanger

    An orange-vodka cocktail with a twist
    By David

  14. ScrewdriverScrewdriver

    Classic orange juice and vodka cocktail
    By David

  15. GladiatorGladiator

    Tribute to the accomplishments of Romulus and Remus!
    By David

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