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Cocktails servis dans un verre à cocktail

Aussi connu sous le nom de verre à Martini, la forme de ce verre aide a garder tous les ingrédients bien mélangés. Le pied permet au liquide de rester froid lorsqu'on le tient. Contient de 4 à 6 onces.

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  1. CrantiniCrantini 7,0/10

    Le martini aux canneberges et l'un des martini les plus populaires.
    Par David

  2. Leap YearLeap Year 7,0/10

    The Leap Year is a somewhat popular cocktail, at least it's been around for many years (1930's at least) and if it is not on the tips of tongues, it is at least in the back of some minds and a well-rounded Martini alternative. This is a sort of enhanced Gin & It or an orange-flavored Emerson.
    Par Gennekak

  3. Daiquiri aux bananes #2Daiquiri aux bananes #2 7,0/10

    Une version plus légère du daiquiri aux bananes
    Par David

  4. Lemon Bite 7,0/10

    A sassy drink when warm, but very light when over the rocks.
    Par burntfrieser

  5. Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoy 7,0/10

    A drink exactly to the taste of Harry Potter's Draco Malfoy
    Par bethlewis11

  6. Bijou 7,0/10

    Chartreuse based cocktail
    Par deenybean

  7. Gorgeous D 7,0/10

    Nice drink for a night in or out
    Par scuba

  8. Hoots MonHoots Mon 7,0/10

    How good is scotch for a Martini type cocktail? Lets find out ...
    Par johnniepop

  9. Gin & Sin 7,0/10

    Tasty and refreshing classic.
    Par gcasta

  10. Far East DragonFar East Dragon 7,0/10

    The taste is pretty delicate, but in case it comes a bit too sweet for you, just cut the liqueurs proportions and increase the amount of the Soju. Or you may use a stronger variant of Soju, if available - they go up to 45% ABV.
    Par johnniepop

  11. TitanicTitanic 6,8/10

    After 2 of these, no wonder the captain didn't see the iceberg coming...
    Par David

  12. Esmeralda 6,8/10

    A cool drink with Tequila and Honey
    Par David

  13. AlgonquinAlgonquin 6,7/10

    Un combo inattendu. Whisky et jus de fruit.
    Par David

  14. The Orange State PirateThe Orange State Pirate 6,7/10

    An aromatic cocktail that combines the use of fresh juice and exotic ingredients such as Haiti bitter orange essence, Trinidad (the land of hummingbird, South Caribbean) spiced rum and a hint of almond from Amaretto. Carefully crafted drink with two stages shaken method to create an opaque sunrise orange potion and smooth lingering taste that will take away your soul. Garnish with flamed orange peel to celebrate the Orange State Pirate flag of its trademark.
    Par TeerawatJutamontree

  15. Jelly BeanJelly Bean 6,6/10

    Un drink rouge éclatant, sucré comme les bonbons du même nom.
    Par David

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