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A Mojito with a twist... we ran out of white rum. Refreshing and fruity.

[Fort] [Party] [Rafraichissant]

Ingrdients [ oz | cl ][ Mon bar ]
2 parties Gin[ Ajouter ]
1 partie Rhum Blanc[ Ajouter ]
1 trait Chambord[ Ajouter ]
1 trait Limonade[ Ajouter ]
1 tranche Gingembre frais [ Ajouter ]
1 c. à café Sucre brun[ Ajouter ]
1 Lime[ Ajouter ]
Mthode: Sur glace
Verre: à margarita
  1. Add 1 measure of rum and 2 of gin to tumbler.
  2. Squeeze in the juice of a whole lime and keep a wedge to garnish.
  3. Add a dash of Chambord.
  4. Add a teaspoon of dark brown sugar, a sliver of fresh ginger and a handful of mint leaves. Crush with a spoon until sugar dissolves.
  5. top up with ice and little lemonade or soda. Add more mixer for a long cocktail.
  6. You can also sieve out the mint and ginger before the last step, but it looks nice as garnish.

Volume: 3,2 oz
Units d'alcool: 3,6 verres standard
Alcool par volume (ABV): 37%


Nombre de visionnement: 58488
Evaluation moyenne: 8,7 (3 valuations)

Mon valuation


Made as a celebration of my partners new job. Intended to make a Mojito but there was only a little rum so I improvised. Enjoy!

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