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Vermouth blanc

Vermouth blanc

Type: Liqueur
A fortified wine, flavored with aromatic herbs and spices.
Alcool par volume: 18%

Ajout par Athena

Tous les drinks avec Vermouth blanc

  1. Perfect ManhattanPerfect Manhattan 8,0/10

    Your run of the mill Manhattan, with the exception that it uses both types of Vermouth, removing the need for bitters by balancing the mixture.
    Par chris

  2. Bombay CocktailBombay Cocktail 8,0/10

    Absinthe and Brandy—The Bombay Cocktail
    Par CraigYoung

  3. BronxBronx 7,8/10

    Un drink de la même trempe que le Martini et le Manhattan.
    Par David

  4. Love on JupiterLove on Jupiter 7,5/10

    A new twist to an old 'lost' classic
    Par Athena

  5. Black Devil 7,3/10

    A Dry Martini made with Rum
    Par David

  6. Snake in the Grass 7,2/10

    As dangerous as a snake in the grass
    Par David

  7. Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoy 7,0/10

    A drink exactly to the taste of Harry Potter's Draco Malfoy
    Par bethlewis11

  8. TitanicTitanic 6,8/10

    After 2 of these, no wonder the captain didn't see the iceberg coming...
    Par David

  9. AlgonquinAlgonquin 6,7/10

    Un combo inattendu. Whisky et jus de fruit.
    Par David

  10. Fifty-FiftyFifty-Fifty 6,5/10

    This is maybe the wettest possible Martini with its equal parts gin and vermouth.
    Par johnniepop

  11. Tangerine Dream 6,0/10

    A long refreshing orange flavoured cocktail
    Par obanandy

  12. VodkatiniVodkatini 5,3/10

    Le Vodkatini est maintenant plus populaire que le traditionnel Martini.
    Par David

  13. Hiroshima 4,0/10

    Un des rares drinks à base de whisky.
    Par David

  14. Daisy Cutter

    Taken from Chartreuse website.
    Par deenybean

  15. The Graham Green

    The Graham Greene Cocktail was invented at the Metropole Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam in 1951, after the literary man of the same name!! The rebellious communist and some time guilty but roguish Catholic was an interesting character and one worthy of this intriguing cocktail
    Par DEJReynolds

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