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Jus d'ananas

Jus d'ananas

Type: Jus

Ajout par Athena

Tous les drinks avec Jus d'ananas

  1. EstocadaEstocada 10,0/10

    A more alcoholic version of the "Matador". Light, strong and sharp.
    Par Tawny

  2. Rum And PineappleRum And Pineapple 10,0/10

    Easy to make as the title, Splendid, simple drink.
    Par Tawny

  3. Gin Cum Treau 9,5/10

    Sounds like a dream come true. Another of my pre dinner cocktail.
    Par Mufti Hakim

  4. Hard Fruit Punch 9,5/10

    It taste like Hawaiian punch with a kick taste so good you don't realize you are drinking alcohol
    Par paige.comerford

  5. Sexy AlligatorSexy Alligator 9,4/10

    A refreshing shooter that is 'UGLY' to look at but tastes a treat.
    Par Athena

  6. Pineapple Chocolate Explosion 9,3/10

    Pineapple candies with chocolate filling is what this delicious cocktail tastes like!
    Par lcmdmtwo

  7. Singapore SlingSingapore Sling 9,3/10

    The genuine recipe invented in the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore
    Par JustHonour

  8. Vanilla Pineapple 9,2/10

    A crisp and refreshing drink for a warm spring or summer evening.
    Par Martinez

  9. Blue Pineapple 9,2/10

    Frozen Blue Margarita
    Par Shaun

  10. Golden BrewGolden Brew 9,2/10

    Refreshing beautiful yellow colored drink
    Par mikey

  11. Lava FlowLava Flow 9,2/10

    Un très joli - et délicieux - drink en provenance de Hawaii.
    Par David

  12. Paradise Punch Cocktail 9,2/10

    A version of a cocktail from TGI Friday's.
    Par HarryJamesJones

  13. Pineapple Fluff 9,1/10

    Deliciously creamy tasting cocktail!
    Par lcmdmtwo

  14. San Francisko 9,1/10

    Par Gelato

  15. Señor SparrowSeñor Sparrow 9,0/10

    Most men believe that Cocktails are ladies drink. I've been thinking of a bitter Cocktail for men.well its not that bitter,but strong enough for a man to enjoy No man would say no to rum, and whiskey. I combined 2 men in my mind,its short but worth ur money,its based on Captain Jack Sparrow's life story
    Par abielecious

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