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Type: Epice
Sucre granulé

Ajout par David

Tous les drinks avec Sucre

  1. Nevada CocktailNevada Cocktail 8,0/10

    A nice rum-based martini
    Par David

  2. Brazilian Martini 7,8/10

    Par Shaun

  3. Coco Loco 7,7/10

    A tasty coconut-based drink from the Dominican Republic.
    Par pauldimarco

  4. Raspberry Tatanka (Szarlotka) 7,7/10

    A classic polish drink made with Zubrowka grass seed vodka, fresh raspberries and apple juice.
    Par Wilky25

  5. Dawa 7,2/10

    This is special cocktail discorved at This is special for evening time-night.
    Par Mudi

  6. Virgin MargaritaVirgin Margarita 7,0/10

    A very easy non alcoholic but very tasty margarita. Serves 4.
    Par Angus

  7. Incroyable Hulk No. 2 7,0/10

    Un autre cocktail vert, qui n'a rien a voir avec l'autre cocktail Hulk.
    Par David

  8. Orange Bittered SlingOrange Bittered Sling 7,0/10

    A representation of a crude cocktail, as one may have made in the early 1800s.
    Par Tawny

  9. Champagne CocktailChampagne Cocktail 7,0/10

    Le brandy ajoute un brin de chaleur aux bulles.
    Par David

  10. Fish House Punch

    This most venerable of American flowing bowls is held to have been first concocted in 1732 at Philadelphia's fishing club in Schuylkill, also known as the "Fish House".
    Par john2626

  11. Brazilian Caipirinha

    A Brazilian drink made with Pitu.
    Par James Hoye

  12. Chartreuse 'Ito

    A variation of the classic Mojito.
    Par deenybean

  13. 1605

    Chartreuse based cocktail
    Par deenybean

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