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Curaçao bleu

Curaçao bleu

Type: Liqueur (de la catgorie Liqueur d'orange)
An intense blue-colored orange liqueur
Alcool par volume: 23%

Ajout par David

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  1. Blue Citrus 10,0/10

    Citrus drink with a blue appearance
    Par HarryJamesJones

  2. Slaber 10,0/10

    Green and fruity
    Par ivan89le

  3. Bat 'n BullBat 'n Bull 9,5/10

    Refreshing pick me up that looks pretty cool too.
    Par Bobologist

  4. Bandung in Violet 9,3/10

    My first pre dinner cocktail
    Par Mufti Hakim

  5. Long Island Iced Phi Phi 9,2/10

    A beautiful Thai inspired cocktail designed to evoke swimming and getting sunburnt in the most exotic beaches in the world.
    Par bensydney

  6. Blue Pineapple 9,2/10

    Frozen Blue Margarita
    Par Shaun

  7. Furious BlueFurious Blue 9,0/10

    Refreshing and sweet.
    Par dutchtrader

  8. Blue lemonade 9,0/10

    It's a little blue green but good
    Par taylor.deena.16

  9. The Blues 9,0/10

    Beautiful blue combo cocktail. Citrus blends. Captivating intense color.
    Par ktsnead

  10. Wild Blue YonderWild Blue Yonder 9,0/10

    Refreshing cocktail to celebrate the birthday of the U.S. Air Force!
    Par rodgerdrew

  11. In Memory of TaraIn Memory of Tara 9,0/10

    If anyone has seen S.O.A. they will understand this cocktail! Another delicious creation from my husband!
    Par lcmdmtwo

  12. Deep Sea BatteryDeep Sea Battery 9,0/10

    The drink look like the deep pacific sea.
    Par DaBearDude

  13. Purple RainPurple Rain 8,9/10

    A really nice taste with an amazing colour gradient. If you do it right, you get "clouds" of purple hanging in the red of the grenadine.
    Par stul

  14. Meister on MarsMeister on Mars 8,8/10

    If done correctly there will be four individual layers of red, orange, blue, and black that should mimic mars and it phasing into space.
    Par Intoxicologist

  15. Irish TrashcanIrish Trashcan 8,8/10

    A drink that taste good and keep you going thru the night.
    Par jja203

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