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Type: Sirop
Grenadine is traditionally a red syrup used both for its flavor and to give a pink tinge to mixed drinks.

Ajout par David

Tous les drinks avec Grenadine

  1. Sweet CaptainSweet Captain 8,5/10

    Just when you're out of Gosling's Black Seal, or you feel that your variation of Dark'n'Stormy is missing just a tiny bit on the weaker side.
    Par johnniepop

  2. Love Game 8,5/10

    Multi-layered fresh and tropical sweet long drink. Very much liked by the women at my house party.
    Par Gennekak

  3. Rred RumRred Rum 8,4/10

    When you hanker for a decadent dose of Grenadine. Pronounced "Our Red Rum".
    Par Tawny

  4. Tequila SunriseTequila Sunrise 8,3/10

    Un des plus jolis cocktails!
    Par David

  5. The GrenarettonThe Grenaretton 8,3/10

    A layered cocktail made with only 3 ingredients. It's sweet, soft and sweet at the same time and very delicious.
    Par kpaenen

  6. Narranga 8,3/10

    A fresh and sweet beverage for those hot days or at a party when you're having fun. To put it short: drink it whenever, wherever you can.
    Par kpaenen

  7. Tropical Pimm'sTropical Pimm's 8,2/10

    This is a new Twist On the tradtional Pimm's, with a high tropical taste and look.
    Par Alex_Garnett_Moor

  8. El PresidenteEl Presidente 8,2/10

    Créé à Cuba pour attirer les Americains pendant la prohibition, ce drink y est devenu très populaire.
    Par David

  9. Maiden's BlushMaiden's Blush 8,2/10

    Un autre drink inspiré du Sidecar
    Par David

  10. Singapore SlingSingapore Sling 8,0/10

    Un drink très raffraichissant que tout le monde aime
    Par David

  11. My Pink LadyMy Pink Lady 8,0/10

    A glamourous drink that sure to 'tickle you pink'.
    Par Athena

  12. Matthatan 8,0/10

    This version of the classic Manhattan incorporates a few additional ingredients that add some sweetness to the classic Manhattan. I think that these additions make this drink more palatable than the traditional Manhattan and accentuate the positive qualities of the Whiskey.
    Par Zuellander

  13. EnigmaEnigma 8,0/10

    Par mojito21000

  14. Pirate Sunset 8,0/10

    "Where's all the rum gone?" - It went into this delicious cannonball of a drink that even Jack Sparrow would love to get drunk by. 'arr 'arr.
    Par solicitor73

  15. Pimm's Tropical Lounger 8,0/10

    Refreshing Mango and Passionfruit cocktail infused with Pimm's, Cherry Brandy, Cointreau & Lime. Perfect for a slow summer drink.
    Par Wilky25

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