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Rhum épicé

Rhum épicé

Type: Spiritueux (de la catgorie Rhum)
Comme Captain Morgan's
Alcool par volume: 40%

Ajout par David

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  1. Prohibition PunchProhibition Punch 10,0/10

    A fizzy tropical prohibition style drink that packs a punch!
    Par hazelspacelady

  2. Rum and Shrub 10,0/10

    A complex but balanced mix of herb, spice and rum flavours.
    Par stul

  3. Spiced Ginger Mojito 9,0/10

    Really refreshing twist on a mojito that packs a punch
    Par Ozzie

  4. Señor SparrowSeñor Sparrow 9,0/10

    Most men believe that Cocktails are ladies drink. I've been thinking of a bitter Cocktail for men.well its not that bitter,but strong enough for a man to enjoy No man would say no to rum, and whiskey. I combined 2 men in my mind,its short but worth ur money,its based on Captain Jack Sparrow's life story
    Par abielecious

  5. Cable CarCable Car 9,0/10

    Un favoris des clients du MGM Grand Hotel et du Bellagio Hotel.
    Par David

  6. Double Double 9,0/10

    A hefty drink of incredible strength and easy to consume smoothness. A staple at any heavy drinking event or a simple evening beverage.
    Par EvanMarback

  7. Perfect Storm 9,0/10

    A refreshing variation of the Dark and Stormy. Use a good ginger beer such as Fever Tree.
    Par stangelj

  8. Spicy Sun 9,0/10

    Tasty and spicy drink, good especially for warmer days!
    Par Teza

  9. Blond Rum & Coke 9,0/10

    Lighter & sweeter version of the famous rum & coke
    Par Shaun

  10. Rhum ColaRhum Cola 8,7/10

    Un des drinks les plus simples et des plus populaires. Un classique instanné!
    Par David

  11. 77 Sunset Strip77 Sunset Strip 8,5/10

    Gorgeous sunset looking cocktail. One that makes those who don't like drinking want more
    Par michael_spain

  12. Sweet CaptainSweet Captain 8,5/10

    Just when you're out of Gosling's Black Seal, or you feel that your variation of Dark'n'Stormy is missing just a tiny bit on the weaker side.
    Par johnniepop

  13. Spiced CrumbleSpiced Crumble 8,4/10

    A Captain Morgan's delight! Surprisingly refreshing cocktail with hints of Apple Crumble. Great for cosy winter nights or party season, easy to drink!
    Par Ticketyboo

  14. Legend of Jack Sparrow 8,3/10

    Pirate drink

  15. Master PMaster P 8,3/10

    Fresh sugary sour cocktail with a hint of vanilla nose, that drink itself!
    Par FreAkInZ

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