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Schnapps aux pêches

Schnapps aux pêches

Type: Liqueur
Une liqueur de pêches très sucrée
Alcool par volume: 23%

Ajouté par David

Tous les drinks avec Schnapps aux pêches

  1. Olor De ExoticoOlor De Exotico 10,0/10

    The exotic aromas all in one cocktail. Delicious, fruity, gorgeous and refreshing!
    Par SteliosDiomidous

  2. Squeezed Sheiny SundownSqueezed Sheiny Sundown 10,0/10

    Fruity refreshing sweet and slightly sour longdrink with Hein's favorite juices.
    Par Gennekak

  3. PanzerMeisterPanzerMeister 10,0/10

    A variation of a Jagerbomb (in German-speaking countries called a "Turbojäger") using beer - like bombs did originally - as the shot carrier rather than an energy drink
    Par thelextalionis

  4. Kickin' Peach Tea 9,5/10

    Sweet, peachy, and refreshing
    Par Craftyfox

  5. Sex on the HorizonSex on the Horizon 9,5/10

    A delicious alternative to the infamous Sex on the Beach with beautiful sunrise and layer effects at the same time.
    Par johnniepop

  6. Golden BrewGolden Brew 9,2/10

    Refreshing beautiful yellow colored drink
    Par mikey

  7. Love Potion (Korobela)Love Potion (Korobela) 9,2/10

    Sweet and a bit strong, best for beginners on alcohol: they won't feel the alcohol taste. They will suddenly fall in love with the bartender!
    Par abielecious

  8. BelliniBellini 9,1/10

    A sparkling based cocktail that originated in Italy.
    Par Athena

  9. Caribbean MoorCaribbean Moor 9,0/10

    A light fruity caribbean cocktail
    Par Alex_Garnett_Moor

  10. Bat 'n BullBat 'n Bull 9,0/10

    Refreshing pick me up that looks pretty cool too.
    Par Bobologist

  11. In Memory of TaraIn Memory of Tara 9,0/10

    If anyone has seen S.O.A. they will understand this cocktail! Another delicious creation from my husband!
    Par lcmdmtwo

  12. Aligator Schnapps 9,0/10

    Surprising Absinthe shooter
    Par craigtumilty

  13. Purple RainPurple Rain 8,9/10

    A really nice taste with an amazing colour gradient. If you do it right, you get "clouds" of purple hanging in the red of the grenadine.
    Par stul

  14. Irish TrashcanIrish Trashcan 8,8/10

    A drink that taste good and keep you going thru the night.
    Par jja203

  15. 57 Chevy 8,8/10

    Un drink d'été sucré et très agréable
    Par David

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