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Soda Citron-Limette

Soda Citron-Limette

Type: Mixer
Une boisson gazeuse à saveur de citron et limette telle que Sprite, 7 UP et Sierra Mist.

Ajout par David

Tous les drinks avec Soda Citron-Limette

  1. Jones Fizz 9,5/10

    A sweet drink with a citrus hint
    Par HarryJamesJones

  2. Orange-Lime Relaxer 9,3/10

    A very great relaxing dinner beverage for non-alcoholic drinkers.
    Par PerryHodges

  3. Pineapple Chocolate Explosion 9,3/10

    Pineapple candies with chocolate filling is what this delicious cocktail tastes like!
    Par lcmdmtwo

  4. Love Potion (Korobela)Love Potion (Korobela) 9,2/10

    Sweet and a bit strong, best for beginners on alcohol: they won't feel the alcohol taste. They will suddenly fall in love with the bartender!
    Par abielecious

  5. Overthrow 9,0/10

    You can stimulate your mind body and soul try to make this cocktail
    Par vimukthi sumathiratne

  6. Furious BlueFurious Blue 9,0/10

    Refreshing and sweet.
    Par dutchtrader

  7. Crush 43Crush 43 9,0/10

    A refreshing drink for the summer!
    Par maxmeister

  8. CranMojito 9,0/10

    A refreshing twist on a classic Mojito. Good with rum or without as a mock version.
    Par Kimberly

  9. Blond Rum & Coke 9,0/10

    Lighter & sweeter version of the famous rum & coke
    Par Shaun

  10. AMFAMF 8,7/10

    Abréviation de l'anglais Adios Mother Fucker. Un cousin du Long Island Ice Tea.
    Par David

  11. Bloody Smurf 8,7/10

    Its a small drink with a really peculiar taste. Its half dark green and half red with a little white inside
    Par rex111198

  12. Grenouille verteGrenouille verte 8,7/10

    Le classique Pisang Ambon et Sprite
    Par David

  13. Santo LibreSanto Libre 8,6/10

    Rhum et Sprite. Un drink très populaire de la République Dominicaine.
    Par David

  14. Green StarGreen Star 8,5/10

    Really easy to do I was bored and mix until I got this is refreshing the kind of drink u will get more then once.

  15. 77 Sunset Strip77 Sunset Strip 8,5/10

    Gorgeous sunset looking cocktail. One that makes those who don't like drinking want more
    Par michael_spain

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