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Cocktails I've Made


Here are the ingredients you will need to do this many servings of these drinks:

El Diablo
Tequila Sunrise
Long Island Ice Tea
Woo woo
Green Star
Jelly Bean
Screaming Orgasm
Vodka Kiwi
Bloody Smurf
Bitter Lemon Cooler
Midori Sunrise

You will need: [ oz | cl ]

Tequila3 34 oz Tequila
(Tequila Sunrise, El Diablo, Long Island Ice Tea)
Bacardi 1512 oz Bacardi 151
(Green Star)
Vodka3 oz Vodka
(Vodka Kiwi, Woo woo, Long Island Ice Tea)
Gin1 12 oz Gin
(Bitter Lemon Cooler, Long Island Ice Tea)
Ouzo1 oz Ouzo
(Jelly Bean)
Bacardi12 oz Bacardi
(Long Island Ice Tea)
Vodka1 part Vodka
(Screaming Orgasm)
Blue Curaçao3 oz Blue Curaçao
(Jelly Bean, Bloody Smurf)
Midori2 12 oz Midori
(Midori Sunrise, Green Star)
Limoncello1 12 oz Limoncello
(Midori Sunrise)
Dry Vermouth1 12 oz Dry Vermouth
(Bitter Lemon Cooler)
Creme de Cassis34 oz Creme de Cassis
(El Diablo)
Peach Schnapps12 oz Peach Schnapps
(Woo woo)
Cointreau12 oz Cointreau
(Long Island Ice Tea)
Baileys Irish Cream1 tsp Baileys Irish Cream
(Bloody Smurf)
Kahlúa1 part Kahlúa
(Screaming Orgasm)
Amaretto1 part Amaretto
(Screaming Orgasm)
Baileys Irish Cream1 part Baileys Irish Cream
(Screaming Orgasm)
Orange Juice8 oz Orange Juice
(Tequila Sunrise, Midori Sunrise, Green Star)
Cranberry Juice3 12 oz Cranberry Juice
(Woo woo)
Lemon Juice14 oz Lemon Juice
(Bitter Lemon Cooler)
Orange Juice1 dash Orange Juice
(Long Island Ice Tea)
Grenadine3 oz Grenadine
(Bloody Smurf, Jelly Bean, Tequila Sunrise, Bitter Lemon Cooler)
Sprite4 oz Sprite
(Bloody Smurf)
Ginger Ale4 oz Ginger Ale
(El Diablo)
Lemonade3 oz Lemonade
(Midori Sunrise)
Coke2 oz Coke
(Long Island Ice Tea)
Bitter Lemon Soda2 oz Bitter Lemon Soda
(Bitter Lemon Cooler)
7UP4 oz 7UP
(Vodka Kiwi, Green Star)
Lime Wedge5 Lime Wedge
(Long Island Ice Tea, El Diablo)
Kiwifruit5 slices Kiwifruit
(Vodka Kiwi)