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Here are the ingredients you will need to do this many servings of these drinks:

Blue Lagoon
Blue Moon
Alabama Slammer
Slam Dunk
Woo woo
Bay Breeze
Bahama Mama
Incredible Hulk No. 2
Fuzzy Shark
Green with Envy
Blue Frog
Scarlett O'Hara
Atomic Cat
Vodka Punch
Purple Rain
Fruit Tingle
Surfer on Acid
Caribbean Moor
Cement Mixer
Peach Breeze
Caribbean castaway punch
Master P
Screaming Orgasm
Purple Rain
Jello Shot
Baby Blue
Sicilian Kiss
Girls Night Out
Irish Trashcan
Vegas Vault
Green Devil
Lemon Bite

You will need: [ oz | cl ]

White Rum3 310 oz White Rum
(Caribbean castaway punch, Zombie, Scorpion, AMF)
Vodka20 12 oz Vodka
(Vodka Punch, Lemon Bite, Jello Shot, Blue Lagoon, Bay Breeze, Blue Frog, Madras, Baby Blue, Irish Trashcan, Purple Rain, Fruit Tingle, Peach Breeze, Woo woo, Alabama Slammer, AMF)
Dark Rum5 810 oz Dark Rum
(Caribbean castaway punch, Hurricane, Zombie, Scorpion)
Malibu Rum5 12 oz Malibu Rum
(Green Devil, Caribbean Moor, Green with Envy, Vegas Vault, Bahama Mama)
Captain Morgan2 oz Captain Morgan
(Incredible Hulk No. 2)
Golden Rum1 oz Golden Rum
Crown Royal1 oz Crown Royal
(Vegas Vault)
Coconut Rum1 oz Coconut Rum
(Surfer on Acid)
Rum1 12 oz Rum
(Irish Trashcan, Bahama Mama)
Gin1 12 oz Gin
(Irish Trashcan, AMF)
Brandy34 oz Brandy
Tequila12 oz Tequila
Bacardi 1512 dashes Bacardi 151
Vodka1.5 part Vodka
(Screaming Orgasm, Lovebird)
Captain Morgan1 13 oz Captain Morgan
(Master P)
White Rum1 oz White Rum
(Purple Rain)
Vodka23 oz Vodka
Vodka1 shot Vodka
(Girls Night Out)
Triple Sec1 810 oz Triple Sec
(Caribbean castaway punch, Irish Trashcan, Scorpion)
Busch3 oz Busch
Southern Comfort6 12 oz Southern Comfort
(Scarlett O'Hara, Sicilian Kiss, Slam Dunk, Steamboat, Alabama Slammer)
Amaretto4 12 oz Amaretto
(Sicilian Kiss, Green with Envy, Lunchbox, Blue Moon, Alabama Slammer)
Peach Schnapps6 oz Peach Schnapps
(Fuzzy Shark, Vegas Vault, Peach Breeze, Caribbean Moor, Irish Trashcan, Woo woo)
Blue Curaçao8 oz Blue Curaçao
(Irish Trashcan, Purple Rain, Baby Blue, Fruit Tingle, Green Devil, Green with Envy, Blue Moon, AMF, Fuzzy Shark, Blue Lagoon)
Baileys Irish Cream1 12 oz Baileys Irish Cream
(Cement Mixer, Blue Moon)
Apricot Brandy1 oz Apricot Brandy
Strawberry Liqueur1 oz Strawberry Liqueur
(Caribbean Moor)
Blue Curaçao3 dashes Blue Curaçao
(Purple Rain)
Amaretto1 part Amaretto
(Screaming Orgasm)
Baileys Irish Cream1 part Baileys Irish Cream
(Screaming Orgasm)
Kahlúa1 part Kahlúa
(Screaming Orgasm)
Peach Schnapps1 part Peach Schnapps
Blue Curaçao0.25 part Blue Curaçao
Peach Schnapps1 oz Peach Schnapps
(Purple Rain)
Blue Curaçao23 oz Blue Curaçao
Peach Schnapps1 shot Peach Schnapps
(Girls Night Out)
Jägermeister®1 oz Jägermeister®
(Surfer on Acid)
Cranberry Juice27 34 oz Cranberry Juice
(Vodka Punch, Girls Night Out, Scarlett O'Hara, Bay Breeze, Madras, Woo woo, Peach Breeze, Slam Dunk)
Orange Juice34 23 oz Orange Juice
(Caribbean castaway punch, Green Devil, Alabama Slammer, Fuzzy Shark, Atomic Cat, Lunchbox, Caribbean Moor, Slam Dunk, Scorpion, Hurricane, Madras, Bahama Mama, Zombie)
Pineapple Juice9 23 oz Pineapple Juice
(Caribbean castaway punch, Baby Blue, Surfer on Acid, Bahama Mama, Zombie, Bay Breeze)
Lime Juice3 810 oz Lime Juice
(Caribbean castaway punch, Hurricane, Cement Mixer, Scorpion, Zombie)
Limeade (Frozen)14 oz Limeade (Frozen)
(Vodka Punch)
Grapefruit Juice2 oz Grapefruit Juice
(Peach Breeze)
Passion Fruit Juice2 oz Passion Fruit Juice
Lemon Juice1 oz Lemon Juice
(Blue Lagoon)
Pineapple Juice1 Pineapple Juice
(Green with Envy)
Lime Juice2 dash Lime Juice
(Scarlett O'Hara, Green with Envy)
Pineapple Juice2 parts Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Juice1 part Pineapple Juice
Orange Juice1 part Orange Juice
Orange Juice7 13 oz Orange Juice
(Master P, Neondad)
Cranberry Juice3 oz Cranberry Juice
(Master P)
Grenadine1 13 oz Grenadine
(Caribbean castaway punch, Bahama Mama, Hurricane)
Raspberry Syrup12 oz Raspberry Syrup
(Fruit Tingle)
Simple Syrup12 oz Simple Syrup
Grenadine2 dash Grenadine
(Purple Rain, Zombie)
Grenadine1 oz Grenadine
(Purple Rain)
Lemon-Lime Soda1 910 oz Lemon-Lime Soda
(Vodka Punch)
Mountain Dew16 oz Mountain Dew
(Lemon Bite, Incredible Hulk No. 2)
Lemonade7 oz Lemonade
(Blue Frog, Steamboat)
7UP10 oz 7UP
(Purple Rain, Fruit Tingle, AMF, Sicilian Kiss)
Tonic Water4 oz Tonic Water
(Atomic Cat)
Jell-O14 oz Jell-O
(Jello Shot)
Red Bull2 oz Red Bull
(Vegas Vault)
Sweet and Sour2 oz Sweet and Sour
Sprite1 oz Sprite
(Sicilian Kiss)
Red Bull1 Red Bull
(Irish Trashcan)
Lemonade2 oz Lemonade
(Purple Rain)
Lemonade1 splash Lemonade
(Lemon Bite)
Sugar1 tbsp Sugar
(Incredible Hulk No. 2)
Lime Wedge3 Lime Wedge
Lemon1 Lemon
Water12 oz Water
(Jello Shot)