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Drinks Suakosh

Drinks Suakosh

Wiwi Suakoch

Ingredients required: Tequila (Silver), Tequila (Gold), Tabasco, Sour Puss Raspberry, Sambuca, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice, Midori, Kahlúa, Jägermeister®. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by vlacroix86

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  1. Buttery NippleButtery Nipple

    A tasty shooter that has the flavor of a creamy butterscotch candy.
    By David

  2. Bloody BrainBloody Brain

    Don't be fool by the name, this shooter is quite tasty and is well suited for an Halloween party (or any party if you ask me!)
    By AlexRicher

  3. Porn StarPorn Star

    A popular shooter with a funny name
    By David

  4. Whistle

    Smells like after taste
    By Yanah

  5. Cherry Bomb

    Chocolate and cherry. what can be better?
    By whitehorse

  6. Black Forest

    By ipoesz

  7. Allan QAllan Q

    Hot and mellow as Africa, cold and strong as the hunter's heart. The all-time controversial Africa. The shooter is dedicated to Allan Quatermain.
    By johnniepop

  8. Flat-linerFlat-liner

    A nice hot shooter that will make you wish you were near a hospital
    By rgrahamh2o

  9. Melon BombMelon Bomb

    A melon-flavored shooter
    By David