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This is a list of all the cocktails that I personally enjoy. The subjects of this enjoyment can range from a burly whiskey sour to a minty mojito or a relaxing screwdriver. If I like it, its here

Ingredients required: White Rum, Whisky, Vodka, Tequila, Simple Syrup, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice, Mint Leaves, Lime Juice, Lemonade. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by Intoxicologist

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  1. Old FashionedOld Fashioned

    With a good whiskey this is very enjoyable and balanced quite well.
    By David

  2. ScrewdriverScrewdriver

    Very relaxing drink, orange juice with an alcoholic kick.
    By David

  3. Sex on the BeachSex on the Beach

    A very tasty drink with a little sweetness. Very popular at parties. Reminds me of fruit punch.
    By David

  4. Arnold PalmerArnold Palmer

    Perfectly balanced albeit a bit sugary, great for indulging on a non-alcoholic drink.
    By David

  5. DaiquiriDaiquiri

    Picture alcoholic limeade. Lime, simple syrup (water and sugar), and rum.
    By David

  6. MojitoMojito

    I prefer it with club soda and white sugar. Minty limey goodness in a glass, a very refreshing drink.
    By David

  7. Dark and StormyDark and Stormy

    Great ginger kick to it that goes great with the ginger beer. I use Gosling's ginger beer.
    By chrisgoggin

  8. Tequila SunriseTequila Sunrise

    Very refreshing with a zesty agave taste that is balanced quite well by the sweetness of the grenadine.
    By David

  9. Meister on MarsMeister on Mars

    pouse cafe
    By Intoxicologist