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To Try

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Ingredients required: Vodka, Triple Sec, Sugar, Sprite, Southern Comfort, Simple Syrup, Red Bull, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice, Milk. [See the full ingredient list]

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  1. UppercutUppercut

    Not to much alkiehal yay
    By G_Y_I_G_Y_I

  2. Bailey's White Russian

    It' s sweet desert cocktail
    By Klasterka

  3. Refresher

    Pure blue orange indulgence!
    By whitehorse

  4. Lemon DropLemon Drop

    A very simple and tasty Martini.
    By David

  5. Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon

    A popular summer drink. Famous for its blue color.
    By David

  6. Blue Moon

    A sweet, creamy shooter with nutty overtones.
    By austin91

  7. Incredible HulkIncredible Hulk

    A fruity cocktail as green as the comics hero!
    By David

  8. Red Bull MAX

    By raftmimi

  9. Blue DevilBlue Devil

    A blue refreshing cocktail
    By David

  10. Creamy OrangeCreamy Orange

    A smooth and tasty after meal shooter
    By benjy1234

  11. Gorgeous D

    Nice drink for a night in or out
    By scuba

  12. White Horse

    Never try never know
    By alexyoong123

  13. Lime RickeyLime Rickey

    A great refreshing summer drink
    By David

  14. Irish Mint

    Green and creamy.
    By rbean

  15. Sub ZeroSub Zero

    A shooter that looks and tastes a bit like a mouthwash. Blue Curacao gives it a nice blue color.
    By David

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