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Triple Sec

Triple Sec

Type: Liqueur (de la catégorie Liqueur d'orange)
Une liqueure d'orange
Alcool par volume: 35%

Ajouté par David

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  1. Tequila CosmopolitanTequila Cosmopolitan 8,4/10 (ma note: 9)

    A great alternative to the regular cosmopolitan. Delicious when prepared with a premium tequila.
    Par Shaun

  2. Rose of VenezuelaRose of Venezuela 8,3/10

    Created in Venice, Italy. Dedicated to a beautiful venezuelan woman.
    Par Carlo

  3. Gold Margarita 8,3/10

    A quick and easy shooter for any Margarita Fan.
    Par brett

  4. Creamsicle ShakeCreamsicle Shake 8,3/10

    Remiscent of the classic ice cream treat
    Par Lmramsey89

  5. Kitchen Sink Margarita 8,3/10

    Par Shaun

  6. Legend of Jack Sparrow 8,3/10

    Pirate drink

  7. Amsterdamage 8,2/10

    A vodka based apertif
    Par dutchtrader

  8. Japanese SlipperJapanese Slipper 8,2/10 (ma note: 8)

    A very sweet cocktail based on melon liqueur
    Par David

  9. Maiden's BlushMaiden's Blush 8,2/10 (ma note: 8)

    Un autre drink inspiré du Sidecar
    Par David

  10. EnigmaEnigma 8,0/10

    Par mojito21000

  11. Purple Passion Punch Purple Passion Punch 8,0/10

    My husband is a home bartender and has come up with some delicious cocktails! Be careful this one is tasty and potent!
    Par lcmdmtwo

  12. Drunken Caramel AppleDrunken Caramel Apple 8,0/10

    Super easy to make, looks and taste like a caramel apple. Careful with this one, you might end up thinking you are at the carnival
    Par tgirl24too

  13. Scotty's Chocolate Orange 8,0/10

    A simple and flavorful cocktail mixing the strength of scotch with the sweetness of triple sec and cacao. The resulting drink, inspired by a traditional chocolate candy, balances nicely with wide appeal.
    Par scott.crofford

  14. Pirate Sunset 8,0/10

    "Where's all the rum gone?" - It went into this delicious cannonball of a drink that even Jack Sparrow would love to get drunk by. 'arr 'arr.
    Par solicitor73

  15. Casa Deliscioso House Margarita 8,0/10

    This variation of the classic margarita is easy to make and the perfect way to cool down on a hot, humid day. Can be made in bulk for large gatherings.
    Par jimster

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