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Cocktails de la catégorie Sucré

Les meilleurs cocktails sucrés. Certains peuvent même servir de dessert.

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  1. Love Game 8,5/10

    Multi-layered fresh and tropical sweet long drink. Very much liked by the women at my house party.
    Par Gennekak

  2. Foxtail 8,5/10

    A beer-friendly fruity cocktail to be drunk slowly. Lovely and light, a great drink to have when you want to stay at "that level".
    Par xmaramena

  3. Blue BootyBlue Booty 8,5/10

    A fruity drink with a considerable amount of alcohol.
    Par justvater

  4. 77 Sunset Strip77 Sunset Strip 8,5/10

    Gorgeous sunset looking cocktail. One that makes those who don't like drinking want more
    Par michael_spain

  5. Marches LibresMarches Libres 8,5/10

    Cocktail de thème Dragon Age: Inquisition, servit pendant le party de lancement à Montréal.
    Par FreAkInZ

  6. Vanilla Russian 8,5/10

    A Dirty Black Russian with Vanilla Coke to smooth it all out.
    Par BAnthonyT

  7. Gold Honeysuckle 8,5/10

    Sweet cocktail based with rum with taste of honey.
    Par alexandre.isabel9

  8. Daiquiri 8,5/10

    Simple. Classic. Delicious.
    Par Jack Keenan

  9. VenomVenom 8,5/10

    A sweet and refreshing heavy hitter
    Par SamwiseGamge

  10. Sweet CaptainSweet Captain 8,5/10

    Just when you're out of Gosling's Black Seal, or you feel that your variation of Dark'n'Stormy is missing just a tiny bit on the weaker side.
    Par johnniepop

  11. Allan QAllan Q 8,5/10

    Hot and mellow as Africa, cold and strong as the hunter's heart. The all-time controversial Africa. The shooter is dedicated to Allan Quatermain.
    Par johnniepop

  12. Caramel Appletini 8,5/10

    A sweet variation to the classic Appletini that tastes just like the carnival treat.
    Par lucjrow

  13. G-Dizzle 8,5/10

    A strong, sweet, smooth, easy drinking cocktail!
    Par agreenhill1995

  14. X-Rated in Shower 8,5/10

    Citrus and Butterscotch. It just works.
    Par dutchtrader

  15. Fruit RollupFruit Rollup 8,5/10

    A very fruity, fun drink. The mix is almost as hard to identify individual flavors as a fruit rollup or colored fruit candies.
    Par Tawny

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