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Maybe one of the toughest shooters out there. Be careful - this one has a serious kick!

[Hot] [Shooter] [Strong]

Ingredients [ oz | cl ][ My Bar ]
13 oz Stroh 80[ Add ]
13 oz Absinthe[ Add ]
13 oz Galliano[ Add ]
Method: Prepare in the glass
Glass: Shooter
  1. Pour Galliano.
  2. Carefully layer the absinthe (I used Pernod 68% ABV) - they should make very distinct layers.
  3. Lastly layer the Stroh 80 rum.
  4. You should have three perfect layers of yellow, green and brownish-red.
  5. Once you're ready for the kick just shoot.

Volume: 1.0 oz
Alcohol units: 1.6 standard drink
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 54%


Times viewed: 25160
Average Score: 7.0 (1 vote)

My Score


Having bought my first bottle of absinthe I was wondering with what other strong spirit (i.e. above 40% ABV) it can be combined. I happened to have the Galliano and the Stroh 80, so the next logical step was to check how those pretty poisons can make layers. They really can. The only disadvantage is that combined they block your taste receptors so hard, that you just can't experience the full bouquet of their tastes.
The name comes from the astrophysics and represents a theoretical phenomenon of a black hole created solely by light.

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Oh I see that the absinthe I used is stronger too - Pernod is 68% ABV.

Comment by johnniepop on 2015-06-23 02:43:08

The ABV content (of my version) is actually about 64%, because the Galliano I have is 42.5 ABV.

Comment by johnniepop on 2015-06-23 02:40:40

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Last updated on 2015-06-23 06:57:44
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