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Here are the ingredients you will need to do this many servings of these drinks:

Bloody Mary
Black Russian
Orgasm (Bailey's Cocktail)
Toasted Almond
Moscow Mule
White Russian
Sea Breeze
Blow Job
Gin Fizz

You will need: [ oz | cl ]

Champagne4 oz Champagne
Gin6 12 oz Gin
(Martini, Gin Fizz, Gimlet)
Vodka14 oz Vodka
(Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Black Russian, Moscow Mule, Greyhound, White Russian, Sea Breeze, Godmother)
Cachaça2 oz Cachaça
Scotch1 oz Scotch
Vodka13 oz Vodka
Mexican Beer12 oz Mexican Beer
Baileys Irish Cream2 12 oz Baileys Irish Cream
(Orgasm (Bailey's Cocktail), Blow Job)
Kahlúa4 12 oz Kahlúa
(Black Russian, White Russian, Orgasm (Bailey's Cocktail), Toasted Almond, Blow Job)
Amaretto4 oz Amaretto
(Godfather, Godmother, Orgasm (Bailey's Cocktail), Toasted Almond)
Dry Vermouth12 oz Dry Vermouth
Grand Marnier2 dashes Grand Marnier
Baileys Irish Cream1 part Baileys Irish Cream
Kahlúa1 part Kahlúa
Grand Marnier1 part Grand Marnier
Amaretto23 oz Amaretto
Tomato Juice5 oz Tomato Juice
(Bloody Mary)
Orange Juice7 oz Orange Juice
(Screwdriver, Mimosa)
Cranberry Juice4 oz Cranberry Juice
(Sea Breeze)
Grapefruit Juice5 oz Grapefruit Juice
(Greyhound, Sea Breeze)
Clamato3 oz Clamato
Lemon Juice12 oz Lemon Juice
(Bloody Mary)
Lime Juice1 dash Lime Juice
(Gin Fizz)
Orange Juice1 oz Orange Juice
Ginger Ale5 oz Ginger Ale
(Moscow Mule)
Club Soda3 oz Club Soda
(Gin Fizz)
Rose's Lime Juice12 oz Rose's Lime Juice
Superfine Sugar0.5 tsp Superfine Sugar
(Gin Fizz)
Brown Sugar2 tbsps Brown Sugar
Worcestershire Sauce2 dashes Worcestershire Sauce
(Bloody Mary)
Tabasco2 dashes Tabasco
(Bloody Mary)
Celery Salt1 pinch Celery Salt
(Bloody Mary)
Black Pepper1 pinch Black Pepper
(Bloody Mary)
Tabasco2 drops Tabasco
Lime Wedge10 Lime Wedge
(Caipirinha, Moscow Mule)
Olive1 Olive
Lime1 Lime
Cream2 oz Cream
(Toasted Almond)
Heavy Milk Cream1 oz Heavy Milk Cream
(White Russian)
Whipped cream1 Whipped cream
(Orgasm (Bailey's Cocktail))
Whipped cream1 part Whipped cream
(Blow Job)