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Ingredients required: White Rum, White Cran-Peach Cocktail, Vodka (Skyy Raspberry infusion), Vodka (lemon) , Vodka, Vanilla Vodka, Triple Sec, Tequila (Añejo), Tequila, Strawberry Liqueur. [See the full ingredient list]

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  1. Lovebird

    A sweet tasty cocktail with the colors which resembles that of a lovebird
    By egouder

  2. Golden BrewGolden Brew

    Refreshing beautiful yellow colored drink
    By mikey

  3. Brass MonkeyBrass Monkey

    A drink with a brass-like color
    By David

  4. Orange MartiniOrange Martini

    Simple, unexpected version of a "sweet" martini.
    By Tawny

  5. Blue BootyBlue Booty

    A fruity drink with a considerable amount of alcohol.
    By justvater

  6. Orange Punch

    A cool tropical strong drink.
    By RoyJohnson

  7. Refresher

    Pure blue orange indulgence!
    By whitehorse

  8. Baby BlueBaby Blue

    A very cleansing tropical cocktail
    By ivan89le

  9. Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon

    A popular summer drink. Famous for its blue color.
    By David

  10. Berr-tini

    A fruity, rich flavored cocktail.
    By uribecano

  11. Bleu Che

    A blue version of the che che
    By AMIR

  12. CrantiniCrantini

    The Crantini (or Cranberry Martini) is one of the most popular martini.
    By David

  13. San Francisko

    By Gelato

  14. Honolulu HammerHonolulu Hammer

    Lovely, subtly-flavored tropical enjoyment that can knock ya flat.
    By Tawny

  15. Weng wengWeng weng

    A popular but strong drink from the Philippines.
    By David

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