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Gin Drinks

Gin Drinks

These are gin drinks for the Avalon Golf Club

Ingredients required: White Rum, Vodka, Triple Sec, Tequila, Sweet and Sour, Pineapple Juice, Orange Liqueur, Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Grenadine. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by LayneBuckingham

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  1. Overthrow

    You can stimulate your mind body and soul try to make this cocktail
    By vimukthi sumathiratne


    Short for Adios Mother Fucker. A very potent cousin of the Long Island Ice Tea
    By David

  3. Blue ArrowBlue Arrow

    Gin and oranges. Blue style. And nothing in common (unfortunately) with the Green Arrow. Not heroic, yet tasty and refreshing.
    By johnniepop

  4. White LadyWhite Lady

    My favorite aperitif. Tasty and very refreshing!
    By David

  5. French MartiniFrench Martini

    A refreshing Martini made with raspberry liqueur.
    By David

  6. Maiden's BlushMaiden's Blush

    Another cocktail inspired by the Sidecar classic
    By David

  7. Fallen Angel

    A hint of mint in your usual gin & lime combo.
    By David