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Secrets The Vine

Ingredients required: Water, Vodka Absolut Kurant, Vodka, Triple Sec, Tequila, Tabasco, Sweet and Sour, Strawberry Daiquiri Mix, Pineapple Juice, Pina Colada Mix. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by stephanie_cachou

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  1. Jello ShotJello Shot

    Jello Shots are the perfect party recipe!
    By David

  2. Midori SpliceMidori Splice

    A perfectly balanced union of coconut-flavored rum, pineapple juice and cream.
    By David

  3. Melon MargaritaMelon Margarita

    Another good excuse to use melon liqueur!
    By David

  4. Midori SourMidori Sour

    A refreshing melon drink.
    By David

  5. Blue Frog

    Simple and refreshing!
    By David

  6. Kraken SunriseKraken Sunrise

    A darker and more complex 'El Hemingway'
    By litzcan

  7. Lemon GingeriniLemon Gingerini

    This is one of my favorite martinis! If you are afraid to drink gin, this drink will change your mind. The Lemon Gingerini incorporates ginger syrup (very easy to make at home, or substitute with fresh ginger), gin, and lemon to produce a slightly herbal and incredibly refreshing drink.
    By Zuellander

  8. Miami Vice

    By Shaun

  9. Kick Ass

    Be warned. The third one hits home.
    By StéphanieMartin

  10. My Pink LadyMy Pink Lady

    A glamourous drink that sure to 'tickle you pink'.
    By Athena

  11. Legend of Jack Sparrow

    Pirate drink

  12. Melon BallMelon Ball

    A great cocktail with a honeydew melon taste.
    By David

  13. MicheladaMichelada

    A popular Mexican cocktail made with beer and hot sauce. Similar to a Bloody Mary.
    By David